The Latest Fashion Shoes for summer

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The Latest Fashion Shoes for summer

Want to know about the latest fashion shoes trends in 2009? If yes, then you are definitely reading the right article. Let us look at the different shoe trends that will be available this summer.

Summer Shoe Fashion in 2009

Stilettos: These shoes are gaining a lot of popularity this summer. Combined with high pencil heels at the back or a hidden platform at the front part of the shoe make it look classier and sophisticated. Thin, pencil heels add more weight age to any outfit you wear.

Gladiator Sandals: These sandals are set to create waves in the fashion industry. With their heavily strapped and heeled version they are sure to catch the eye of the younger generation.

Toe Shapes: Squared off toes seemed to be making heads turn this summer. The common squares off shapes have been slightly tampered to give it a short blunt nose. In addition to this, pointed toe shoes are back in fashion again.

Colors and Prints

This year the fashion shoes industry is all set to come out with shoes in animal prints and colors. The ‘in’ things this year are fake snakeskin or crocodile skin boots which will look trendy when combined with wide skirts or pants.

With respect to shoe colors, bright and vivid are the “in” thing this year. These colors combined with flower prints shoes can give you a feminine and sleek appearance. In addition to this, multi color shoes are also making a style statement this year.

This year the fashion shoes industry is all set to dazzle you with their summer collections.

How To Know About The Latest Fashion Trends

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Many people are interested in fashion and beauty. They want to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. You may be interested to know how the fashion world operates.

It is very fascinating to know which trend is in and which one is out. Let us try to find out how to pick up more information about the fashion trends that are catching on.

Trends change constantly:

It is true that trends keep changing constantly. Therefore it is not a wise idea to spend a lot of money on some unintelligent trends. Depending upon the mood seasons can last from three to six months. Some trends become very popular in summer, winter, spring and autumn.

Basically there are two big fashion seasons – spring and fall.

In order to remain in touch with the trends visit some popular style stores. These stores keep changing their clothing stocks according to the latest trends.

Media can help:

You can check the fashion magazines, internet and fashion and style TV channels. They are the good sources of knowing about the latest fashion trends.

It is seen that if a famous personality wears something cute, that becomes the fashion statement. At the same some celebrity wear may not look good on everybody.

Some popular sites also show clips of major fashions shows in which the world famous fashion designers showcase their latest collection. These sites keep updating their content. You can read some good fashion reviews also on them. Similarly you can join some fashion blogs.

The abovementioned sources will keep you update with the latest fashion trends.

The Latest Hair Fashion Trends in 2009

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If you are a fashion freak and are always up to date with the latest happenings in the fashion world, then you will definitely want to know what the latest hair fashion trends are for 2009. Along with your clothes and shoes, hair also contributes to your physical appearance. Let us now look at these trends in detail.

What are the Latest Hairstyles?

Layers: Different hairstyles look good depending on the type of face you have. Layers look good on any type of face. Having layers gives your hair the desired volume and a sleeker finish. They are definitely in style since they give you a modern look, thus making you look more edgy.

Bobs: If you have a round face, then bobs are definitely best suited for you. A bob is easier to manage and suits all hair types. Bobs are said to have a symbolic meaning for modern women.

Long Hair: Long hairs are very difficult to manage but are definitely the latest in hair fashion. Lifeless and coarse hair can be made to look beautiful with some layers or curls. Long hair looks great when it is healthy and shiny. With effective hair treatments or heat protectors, your long hair will definitely remain healthy for a longer time.

Pony Tails: Pony tails are the answer for women who want to keep long hair and also show off their beautiful face. For added effect, pony tails can be dressed with hair accessories like hair ribbons, clips etc.

These are some of the hair fashion trends in 2009.

Save the world - Eco-Friendly Fashion Store

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We all are aware of the global warming and pollution levels which are rising by the day. All of us know that we need to make our contributions towards stopping this.

The first step concerning this in the fashion industry was taken by a Brazilian eco brand Eden when they opened their first ever eco fashion store. It is located in Sao Paolo’s trendiest neighbourhood, Vila Madalena.

Interiors of the Store:

The lavish interiors of the fashion store are crafted from scrap-wood and the clothes are displayed beautifully on bamboo hangers.

The Eden company label is 100% organic inspired by the elements of nature. The whole clothing collection is made up of natural cotton fibre, coloured with organic dyes obtained from plants. The clothing material and dye colours are completely chemical free.

Online eco-friendly stores:

The Green Loop is an online fashion store whose main mission is “an alignment of style and sustainability, a fusion of aesthetics and ethics.”

They have an amazing collection for both women and men clothing from all the major green fashion labels such as Loomstate, Eden, Stewart and Brown and Nui Organics.

The Fabrics are made with certified organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. The price is also affordable for everyone.

The best thing is now those people who love fashion and respect there ecology is to open up for the option which spells green.

They can also shop for these clothes online if these eco-friendly stores are not easily accessible to them. I would like to request people to preserve their environment and go for eco-friendly products. The future of our world is dependent on it.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags May Look Original If You Know Where to Buy Them From

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Have you always longed to have a Louis Vuitton handbag, but cannot afford it? If yes, then cheer up. You may not be able to buy an original Louis Vuitton handbag, but getting a replica Louis Vuitton is really easy and affordable.

Look for replica Louis Vuitton handbags online

There are various websites where you can look for replica Louis Vuitton handbags. You can get them cheap and these bags actually look like the original ones. Louis Vuitton is a popular name among handbags, but these handbags do not come for cheap. Today, the market for Louis Vuitton replica handbags is bigger than ever before, and you will be surprised at the large number of women buying these bags and walking away with them making others feel that they are original Louis Vuitton handbags.

Louis Vuitton replica handbag is a great substitute for the original designer handbags from Louis Vuitton. The replica handbags come for an affordable price and look extremely similar to their original counterparts. Remember that all imitations are not exact look-alikes of the Louis Vuitton handbags. A good site offering a look-alike Louis Vuitton handbag offers it for an affordable rate but the price is not very cheap. The quality of the bag is not excellent like the original ones, but not inferior either.

Pick the right replica handbag from Louis Vuitton

A good online shop comes with a display of many Louis Vuitton handbags helping you make a good choice. You could also look for the features of a particular original Louis Vuitton handbag and check if the imitation version of it is offering you the same. Look for the number of pockets a handbag has, find out its measurements, and most importantly check the quality of the material the handbag is made of.

Another important thing that helps you decide which replica Louis Vuitton handbag to buy is the amount of space the bag has. Choose a handbag that will help you carry all the necessities that you want your bag to accommodate. Also choose a replica Louis Vuitton handbag that will suit your personality and attitude. The handbag can be gorgeous, simple, and pretty depending on your taste. Remember it is best to have a replica Louis Vuitton handbag that will compliment most of the outfits that you have in your wardrobe.

So step out in style. When you have a fashionable Louis Vuitton handbags slung on your shoulder, be prepared to receive compliments and envious looks as well.

Beyonce - Marie Claire - June 2009

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Beyonce - Marie Claire - June 2009

Cute dress. Slightly odd expression.

I remember a time almost ten years ago when Marie Claire was my favorite magazine. The stories were interesting, the celebrity pieces weren”t quite so fluffy, the models and “real women” used on its pages were diverse* and it actually had a point of view that seemed larger than “buy this stuff it will make you happy.” Nowadays I only subscribe to the magazine because it only cost me $5 for two years. On average, it takes about five minutes to flip through it before it gets dumped into the recycle bin.

That said, this issue wasn”t a complete bust. I found a few books in the “Radar” section that are now on my wishlist: Monica Ali”s “In the Kitchen” and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”s “The Thing Around Your Neck.” It also reminded me to Tivo Jada Pinkett-Smith”s new TNT drama HawthoRNe. Lastly, I entered a contest for a chance to win “Beyonce”s Luxe HoD Wardrobe,” which I know will make a showstopper at my son”s next preschool mixer.

*I have to add that last month”s issue contained two great spreads featuring models Alyssah Ali and Atong Arjok.

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