How to Be Fashionable

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Fashion is exactly a kind of investment in which the more wisely people put into, the more profits fashion returns. The point different with real investment is people do not get profit like money, share or realty. Female is the biggest operator and get reward of beauty, charm and elegance.

To be fashionable is funny; however, to be familiar with fashion is completely difficult. You were required to pay close attention to what the hottest item is at different times and make sure your dress is the best statement with fashion. To be stylish, you need to know what to get and where to get duly. Pieces on celebs always seem fabulous. Being in fashion asks you to follow closely after trendsetters as well.

Getting the latest product was exactly successful in being stylish before; however, changes take place nowadays. You have to know and dress the most popular trends and also be wise in your investment! Renewing looks more frequently yet avoiding empty-handed is the secret to be fashionable nowadays!

Where to get the most stylish information? I truly believe life requires us to be leery. Anything around us may convey the latest vogue symbol. Internet can not be neglected absolutely. Its connection with the whole world by thousands of miles of cable enables people to share information in the shortest time. Check on some vogue website such as fashion showroom, seventeen, abuse, and breed regularly to know what is hot and not so. Information on magazines also helps you to complete your fashion data. The last method is neglected by many people. I talk about friends and go into some forums sometimes. They do not only replenish my fashion understanding, but tell me where to buy the latest products that always is neglected on vogue magazines.

How to be fashionable? A stylish look can not go without a handbag. Celebrities always present us with the hottest handbags. Stunning overall look seems perfect adding a unique bag, doesn’t it? Common people can be as shiny as Hollywood starlets once getting the trendiest designer replica handbags. They are cheap, costing you ten percent of the authentic line. A clever investment on it enables you to update looks as fast as you like. Fake bags of top quality seem the same with the real line nowadays. They are carried to whatever occasion and splurged among females, even sent as birthday gifts. Their arrivals deal with tight budget perfectly. Shiny and plush leather, smooth and soft fabric, even stitching, antique hardware, handy shoulder strap are all available on replica handbags. To get in the circle of celebs, you need to catch up with the hottest tide on handbags.

Being in fashion asks you to spruce up your wardrobe with pops of light continuously. Transform views on apparel a bit. Fashion astonishes people by seeming disharmonious designs sometimes. Sun-top and hot pants are truly sexy; however, wearing them while casual outfit dominates in fashion world only results you into being outdated. High heels are beautiful; however, they destroy the whole theme while plats impress people. Catching up with tide of fashion, you can not normally wear everyday. Some bold attempts assure you to be more eye-catching.

Dressing to look stylish is perfect yet not enough. As the main operator in fashion, women should care your face and skin. Cosmetics are necessary. Girlish makeup seems perfect for casual party. Thin makeup avoids seeming aging due to everyday similar work. Heavy makeup is sexy, visual-appealing in evening parties. Natural cosmetics and skin care products hide defects on females’ faces and make them become more confident. To be stylish requires you to dress you up according to occasion.

Fashion does not stay in the front part. Many women tie hair back everyday. Straight and blond hair is beautiful indeed; however, keeping a hairstyle too long looks like a plastic flower. It may be pretty yet does not know changes of season. Neither appreciates irrigation of rain or irradiation of sun. Contact your hairdresser regularly. A beautiful style on hair does not make you look more stylish, but presents others with a younger look.

To be fashionable means getting the latest products on the cheapest prices. You will find vogue is really funny if being a wise investor.

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it’s the first day of spring! not that it makes a huge difference here in SF, as it’s felt like spring for about a month already. here i’m in the studio where i sew/design/etc., aka, the other half of the living room in our tiny hilltop flat. a pile of things i need to alter is to the left. everything is a mess at the moment.

one of my favorite outfits of late, though not the best shot. my photographer is at work. :P

-green vintage enamel clip-on earrings: thrifted
-green vintage glass bead necklace: beacon’s closet, williamsburg, brooklyn.
-green lucite cocktail ring: alexis bittar
-gold bracelets/bangles: thrifted
-gold elgin watch: inherited from pete’s grandfather.
-red sweater i restyled recently: thrifted
-white tank with flourecent orange stripes: H&M
-red-orange tank: american apparel
-black acid wash jeans!!
-orange patent leather flats: steve madden 

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2009 Oscar Fashions The Best Dressed On The Red Carpet

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Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway and more A-list stars show off their fashion sense at the Academy Awards. Check out the rest of our 2009 Oscars coverage:……

Debra Messing’s Red Carpet Look for the Emmys - LORAC Cosmetics

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Debra Messing's Red Carpet Look for the Emmys - LORAC Cosmetics

Debra Messing had one of my favorite looks at the recent Primetime Emmy Awards - from the hair to the makeup to the stunning Michael Kors dress, it was perfection to me!

My friends at LORAC have just let me in on the amazing new products and shades that LORAC founder, Carol Shaw used on Debra to create her stunning makeup.

Scroll down for all the products and the exact shades used….

Complexion:AquaPRIME Breakthrough Performance - SMS4

LORAC Double Feature DF 2

Evening Out Powder – Light

Eyes:LORAC Red Carpet Reveal Eye & Cheek Palette - first shade highlight under the brow, secondshade on lid and crease, third shade on lid and liner for lower lash line Black Eye Shadow - smudged on lid

LORAC Front of the Line PRO Black

LORAC Special Effects Mascara, Black

Cheeks:LORAC TANtalizer Baked Matte Satin Bronzer SPF 15

LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush - Exposed

LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder, Luminous

Body:TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

Lips:#18 Nude LORAC Lip Pencil

LORAC Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF 15 Nude Scene

LORAC Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick Vintage

For more information on these products, please visit:

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Women’s Fashion Statement Portrays Her Character

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Women’s fashion has grown up with time. The way a woman dresses reflects her personality and the idea about her beauty. It is her attire that radiates confidence and let people perceive the kind of person she is.

Women can make their own fashion statement if they dress right and carry themselves with grace. The sociology of fashion communicates the social status, occupation, values and above all culture.

Here are a few women’s fashion tips that will create an impression and reveal her true character.

  • A women’s wardrobe should consist of neutral colors that are perfect for mixing and matching. They can be worn with the right jeweler and accessories, which give the final changes similar to the icing on the cake.

  • Very few women have perfect figure. Those who have the flaws should work on them and dress accordingly.

  • Wear clothes that look good on you. Do not just blindly follow the latest fashion trends. Experimenting something new is always better but it should suit you.

  • Cleverly accessorize your look with a scarf or entice yourself with a sophisticated jewelry that blends well with your outfit.

  • Before purchasing clothes read the wash and care guidelines carefully. You need not buy impulsively that might end up making you spend more than its maintenance cost.

  • Set a budget and Invest in a basic wardrobe, shoes, and bags. Mix and match the rest of the things picked up every season or even stuff picked up from flea markets.

Women’s fashion statement portrays self-confidence and can turn those heads, therefore taking advantage of the above tips each woman can “design a wardrobe suited to play the part in the continuing drama of the 21st century woman”.

Why Are Fashion Accessories Important for Our Looks?

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The Magical Touch of Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories add up to the personality as everyone wants to have a distinctive look. With stylish accessories, you can create a unique look even if your outfit is not a designer label. Accessories are similar to garnishes on food that provide appeal make you look fabulous.

Updating your wardrobe

Not everyone can afford designer fashion outfits and the latest trends. However if you are a fashionista on a limited budget, you can update your wardrobe with a few choice pieces of fashion accessory. All you need to do is carefully select artistic and contemporary neutral pieces of accessories such as bags, shoes and jewelry.

A stylish purse or a dazzling piece of jewelry can make you look unique classic and dazzling. For example, the black dress is appropriate for practically any occasion, requires, and creates an elegant look.

Creating a statement

Fashion accessories can create a statement as they reflect the personality of the wearer and exude a specific image. For instance, take the stilettos. These shoes convey the image of confidence and make the women feel that she can take on the world as she stands tall and apart.

For those who prefer their own personal style, spend more time selecting fashion accessories. A scarf, a stole, shoes can be readily associated with a wearer as her own signature style.

Perfect selection of fashion accessories can make a person a trendsetter. Comfort should be your top priority when choosing the accessories. The last thing that you need to remember is that all your acquisitions should combine style, comfort and functionality so that you can get the most out of your budget.

The Factors Influencing the Fashion Trend Forecast

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Fashion trend forecast relates to a significant change in the prediction of the forthcoming colors, fabrics and styles that the consumers would be wearing in the forthcoming year.

Manufactures of apparel, designers and suppliers of fabrics and retailers rely on the information obtained from a fashion forecast because it makes them aware of the consumer preferences and their ability to spend.

A fashion trend is a forecast by professional companies whose main aim is forecasting the market and consumer trends. The fashion forecasters follow few guidelines on which the fashion industry follows its trends.

Macroeconomic Factors: The macroeconomic factors that relate to the overall economic components are -

  • Recession: A decline in the economic activity decreases the spending power of the consumer and based on this situation, the trends are set for the forthcoming year.
  • Boom time: When the economy is at its highest point, the spending power of the fashion conscious people tends to increase. The trends are set keeping the status and the mood of the consumers in mind.

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Direct Inputs from Textile manufacturers: Fashion forecasters play an important role in deciding the type of fabric to be manufactured based on the feedback obtained from the consumers. They coordinate with the textile manufacturers and decide on the type of textile to be manufactured for the forthcoming season.

Consumer surveys and preferences: Consumer preferences are the key to trend forecasting in the fashion industry and are usually influenced by the fashion styles followed by their icons and idols.

Guidelines by Government agencies: the government agencies, chambers of commerce and textile federations also influence the fashion trends by regulating the supply of raw material, which is directly related to crop yield.