Fashion Friday **SKINNY JEANS**

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I hope you all enjoy this week’s episode of Fashion Friday! Several people have suggested I discuss skinny jeans- which I thought was a fabulous idea! Thank you all SO very much for your suggestions and creative ideas! Keep them coming!

Skinny Jeans Shown:
Decree (Available at JCPenney)
YMI (Available at JCPenney)
Old Navy

Fashion Designs And Their Programs

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Taking fashion as a profession has many aspects. You may have to work as a fashion designer which can just as well mean monitoring a design team at a sportswear company as developing a brand under your name.

The career with fashion designs may not seem as glamorous like producing a label but it certainly will make your life less stressful. Creating a label takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work.

Admission in a Prestigious School

Like there are many styles of design, there are also many different ways to look for a career in fashion industry. Most people find that taking a fine arts degree course in fashion at a prestigious school will serve as the best foundation for a design career. Apart from teaching you the craft, a good school also adds credibility to your resume.

Make an Impressive Portfolio

Getting admission in a good reputed fashion school is difficult as the competition is high and they tend to be selective. However, you may apply by submitting a portfolio of fashion designs and drawings. A good idea is to have some experience in sketching through art classes which will help you to understand form and proportion.

What do you learn?

Most fashion programs are three to four years long. During this period, you will take fine arts classes and study drawing, sketches, color composition and form. You will also learn draping, pattern making and cutting techniques. Good schools of fashion designs work really closely with the industry and have “designer projects” where some of the top designers work directly with the graduating students.

A lot of fashion schools are presently increasing business classes in their curriculum so that the students can also have some business sense and understand the mechanics.

Wardrobe MustHaves

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Michael Kors - Fashion Week, Spring 2010

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Marimekko & Iittala have joint their forces long ago to produce a classic glass bowl that hasn’t gone out of style. My mom has two of these and I’m drooling after the bright red one, which is the most expensive because of the gold used to produce ruby colour glass.

The colour range is now wider than ever: 

Source: Suviko

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Gimme More By Britney Spears

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Hollywood Minute 2: Katherine Heigl

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The Dramatic Fashion Personality

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Where did you get that?

The dramatic fashion personality is always out to make a statement with what she wears. She lets her clothes do the talking and likes it when someone asks her “where did you get that”? This tells her that she is doing something right and turning heads.

Unique fashion accessory

This drama queen seeks out the unique and the unusual fashion accessory and exotic designs. Unlike the classic fashion personality, her wardrobe is much diversified as she is a lateral thinker when it comes to fashion and thinks outside of the box. Her dress sense speaks to individuality as she dares to be different in her wardrobe selections.

Like the classic fashion personality she likes quality but with a bit of drama. Designer originals are therefore a wardrobe must have for the dramatic dresser. At the same time, while she loves fashion, she is not a label lover and does not buy designer for designer sake. She finds just as much appeal in quality none branded clothing that ticks all the boxes when it comes to drama. She has developed an eye for quality and drama when it comes to fashion accessories.

This fashion personality celebrates colour and the brighter the better. She is not afraid of bold prints preferring them to be abstract and unusual, geometrical even.

Statement and Chunky Jewellery

She craves architectural design and the exaggerated structural shapes in her fashion accessories. Her jewellery pieces are unusual to say the least and creative. Statement jewellery and chunky jewellery is a must have and she adores the adventure of tribal and ethnic jewellery as well as exotic jewellery. She is your Egyptian goddess and likes majestic jewellery like Cleopatra.

Handmade bags

Her designer original handbags are extensively embellished with stones, studs crochet detailing in hues of the same colour. She finds exotic appeal in goatskin bags and bags made of cow leather. While the Classic personality likes simple shapes, the dramatic fashion personality desires architectural flavour in her designs and goes for oval shaped handbags, triangular handbags; individually handcrafted and unique designs.

Je Suis Belle which means “I am beautiful”

Among others, she will wear designs from Budapest Fashion Designers, Dalma D?v?nyi and Tibi Kiss of Je Suis Belle whose designs while playful, feminine and graceful speaks to self confidence, originality and quality.

She is your Samantha Jones from “Sex and the City” played by Kim Cattrall who needs to turn heads when she walks down the street.

Author: Arline James-Thomas

This article was written by Arline James-Thomas for Munique Fashion - Munique brings you unique, quality handcrafted fashion and accessories from artisans around the world. These exotic designs communicate rarity and say something about you the wearer.
Our simply stunning collection of funky unusual jewellery, handbags and sandals are specially selected for their uniqueness and are not available on the high street. We are sure to find something special from our range of Ethnic jewellery and gifts. Buy online and start that conversation with fashion that begins “Where did you get that?”

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bag with bone beads

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Another little bead knit bag. The thread was left from a kit for a bead knit sea horse I made about four years ago. The pearl button on the flap was from one of my many button jars. The seed beads were from my large pile of hanks of beads. The other accent beads were from my collection of loose beads. 

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Lucky Green Eyes

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Lucky Green Eyes Inspired By St Patrick’s Day 2009
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