Cameron Diaz’ Tila March Zelig Tote: Snob or Slob?

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Cameron Diaz' Tila March Zelig Tote: Snob or Slob?


Cameron Diaz has been spotted sporting the Tila March Zelig large canvas tote
which at under $500 is a pretty fairly priced especially given how spacious it is. I wouldn”t personally buy it — it has a Tory Burch-esque WASP-y quality to it which isn”t really my style — but I do think it”s a great summer-to-fall transition bag especially in wicker. I wish it was a little wider though so it would look a little less boxy.

What do you think about the Zelig Tote? Snob or Slob?

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How to tie a Full Windsor tie knot

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Women’s Fashion In The 1940s – Vintage Wear

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1940s women’s fashion is considered as vintage wear and holds a great importance in the fashion industry. It had the combination of style and practicality which made it look elegant. It also had an importance due to the World War II. 1940s style was very distinctive especially in women’s clothing.

Sportswear became very popular during the World War II and women used a lot of mixing to show more diverse collection of clothing they had. The dresses were knee-length and featured padded shoulders which were adorned by a lot of women. Use of recycled products for hats and other accessories allowed women to save a lot of money.

Recycled hats were widely accepted in women’s fashion during the Second World War. Clothes were actually very simple but women somehow managed to look elegant and attractive even during the hardest days of the war. Long length skirts but short jackets were in fashion those days.

Short skirts were preferred for evening dresses. Use of gowns was minimal during 1940s. Hair curls were very popular during those days. If you check out some pictures of women during wartimes, you will notice how popular the curls were.

Trousers were also preferred because women liked simplicity during wartime. Things changed in 1960 when the clothing revolution came into picture but styles of 1940s are still remembered. Trousers never went out of women’s fashion completely because it is easy to wear when they go to work.

Fashion industry changed a lot during the period 1940-1949. Skirts were more tapered and narrow in 1940 but by the end of the decade both close fitting and broad skirts were in fashion. First time in 1949 fashion industry saw something like two silhouettes side by side.

How to Succeed at Getting Search Engine Traffic With Pay Per Click Management

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If well managed, a Pay Per Click management program (PPC) is a highly efficient method to market online, enabling sites to achieve immediate visibility in prime spots on search engines and gain targeted web traffic. The Pay Per Click management industry is growing very fast and major search engines are realizing significant amount of their revenues from this. With a good PPC program, you can buy a prominent space on top of the search engine’s requested pages so that you get more traffic to your websites. The search engines make money from each click. However, if you do not have a good PPC management program you may lose ad dollars.


Crucial Elements of a Pay Per Click Management Program


A good Pay Per Click management system would require you to actually improve your website. Since the objective is to generate targeted traffic, users who get directed to your website through the program, your website should be good enough to motivate them to buy things. Even if they are not interested in your products, your site should be designed in such a way that the accidental clients would want to give your products a second look . Your site should be user-friendly, attractive and simple.

The most crucial element is finding the appropriate keyword phrases and keywords that are related to your specific industry. You should use the potential phrases and words that your users would type into a search engine to find products and services. Webmasters ensure that they use relevant keywords that not only improve visibility but also bring traffic and new customers and help grow the business.


Another important aspect is identifying your target audience for the PPC management program. As stated initially, a good PPC program will improve your website design. However, the benefits of incorporating PPC management at the stage of designing your website are more effective.

The PPC management team you select should be well qualified and experienced if you want to be successful in your campaign. They should aim for low costs and high Return on Investments (ROI). Make sure that they deliver measurable results. You should only select providers who offer ongoing support in order to measure the results of the programs on an hourly basis and work closely with you to make any changes that might be required as promptly as possible. More importantly, the provider should focus on the success of your business.

bag fashion

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this is one of my collection 

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Men’s New Fashion Trends

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It’s always great to mix trendy pieces with more classic looks to give you the perfect look that always looks up-to-date. Color is big for men this season (I love colored interesting shirts of all kinds), as are relaxed chic looks (like relaxed suits), etc.

Accessories that are hot are really simple: well kept shoes. It’s one of the first things people notice, so always make sure the shoes are right and clean. Here’s something I like to do. Instead of looking at celebs, I check out various magazines and advertising and check out different looks I like (for You GQ, Cargo) and then get shopping!

If you are wondering why some of today’s most sophisticated men’s stores - Polo Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman Men, Barneys New York - are stocked with enough hard-core color to resemble the team uniform section of a sporting goods shop, well, perhaps that’s fitting. Color has become practically a contact sport.

Mens wear Bright New Look In the last few seasons, many men have developed a major passion for sharply tailored suits and brightly patterned dress shirts, snapping up $200 Etros by the half-dozen. But this spring, in the eternal game of one-upmanship known as fashion, the look has been taken to a new extreme. Solidly colored pants, sweaters and blazers - in tangerine, lemon, viridian, magenta, royal blue - have raised the stakes, and some men are, to retailers’ surprise, taking the bet.

Retailers report that traditional two-button cotton sport coats and pinwale corduroys struck by a lightning bolt of color have become some of the hottest sellers of the season. And in a rare meeting of minds, old-school retailers like Paul Stuart are sharing a design aesthetic with edge-of-fashion lines like Burberry Prorsum and Duckier Brown.

“The first thing that blew out of Barneys was all the color,” said Daniel Silver, a partner in Duckier Brown. “When we were designing it we were thinking: ‘It’s so bright. Are guys really going to buy this?’ But they have. It’s like someone knocked down the wall between his and hers closets.”

The trend has obvious appeal to men who want an easy new way to express a bold streak. But it has an august precedent as well, in the late, great NBC peacock, Johnny Carson. In 1973, when country clubs swarmed with pants and blazers of every hue, Carson’s own fashion line was the best-selling men’s tailored clothing line in the country, according to Homi Patel, the chief executive of Hartmarx, which owns the line. In 1973 alone, 80,000 electric blue sport coats (with five-inch lapels!) were sold.

Unlike many looks with roots in the past, this one is a study in jarring contrasts. It has both the edge and cheek of early 80’s New York, when Day-Glo color fueled the New Wave scene, and the ease and entitlement of an early 70’s Republican enclave in Palm Springs.

“The roots are in that country club thing,” said Joe Zee, the editor of the men’s wear magazine Vitals. “The edge is in its conservative aspect.” Striped shirts and plaid jackets can play into a conservative look, but solid colors, Mr. Zee suggested, are bolder. “Men are more used to pattern,” he said. “So a pink striped shirt is easier for a lot of guys than an all-pink shirt. That’s a more specific fashion statement.”

No sector has taken up the call to color more than the hip-hop world, in which dandies like Usher, Farnsworth Bentley and Andre 3000 of OutKast (hard at work on a fashion line called Benjamin) will wear, and combine, the splashiest of colors. “You have urban rappers from Nelly to Puffy saying, ‘I can wear this without being a sissy,’ ” Mr. Zee said.

Chris Chambers, a dapper vice president for publicity at BMG Music, feels the pull. “There’s definitely a mixture of an urban thing with classic country club.” he said. “I’ll wear the pink Ralph Lauren blazer but maybe not with the white slacks they show. I’ll wear it with some Evisu jeans and a cool sneaker.”

Still, it takes guts. “I think a solid bold color looks fresh, but you have to have a level of confidence for it,” Mr. Chambers said. What makes the look less brash and more appealing, he said, is its history as the onetime uniform of 19th-hole golfers everywhere.

Ross Geisel, a Manhattan fund-raiser, has taken a shine to color because of its associations with a life of gentlemanly ease. “I can get away with wearing it to work, and then if you go out afterward, you don’t look like you came from the office,” Mr. Geisel said.

Another reason he likes extreme color is that there are so few rules about wearing it. That, he maintains, makes it easier, not harder to dress. “It doesn’t matter what you do,” he said. “I have a loud pink shirt on today with a corduroy chocolate brown blazer. I can wear it spring, summer or fall, with any shoe I want.”

Even with his outlaw attitude, he said the style reminds him of his father’s country-club clothes. But the concept of Johnny Carson as a symbol of style is lost on him. “All I remember is Carnac,” he said.


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sonny casuga serenade the models

Shower Sherbert by Me! Bath

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Shower Sherbert by Me! Bath

In the latest (and greatest imho) BeautyFix is the ultra fabulous full sized (16 ounce) Gotta Have It Pomegranate Shower Sherbert.

I’m a big fan of sugar scrubs to exfoliate the dead skin on my legs and this one has a great pomegranate scent to die for!  We’re almost done with our portion but I know I’ll be indulging some time very soon.

I don’t think there are too many people out there who don’t know how to use a sugar scrub so this review is short and sweet, if you’re looking for a reason to buy the latest BeautyFix you’ve found it. 

BeautyFix sends you 9 products this time for $49.99.  You can cancel anytime so there’s no worry if you don’t care for the next offering you can opt out.  With the holidays coming up, many of the products would make great gifts!

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Fashion week wraps up tonight

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With The Help Of Fashion Dresses You Can Become Fashion Idol

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Dressing is something that completes the fashion statement. If you are very particular about your dressing then you must remember these important points:

· Always choose the dresses that matches with your complexion

· Too much tight or too much loose dresses can spoil your personality

· Select the fashion dresses according to the weather conditions of your locality; this makes you feel comfortable while you are wearing your favorite dress.

· If you are a brand conscious then you need to have a track on the originality of the brands.

The fashion industry is so vast that there are separate wardrobes for the men and women. There are many categories in the fashion dresses you can choose the one that best suits your budget. Some of the popular categories are:

· Celebrity fashion clothing

· Wedding dresses

· Party wear

· Casual wear

· Formal wear

Fashion does not have any language, religion or state it can be practiced by anyone. If you are interested in the fashion matters then you need to keep yourself updated with each and every event that takes place in the fashion industry. Now as a result of globalization it has become very easy to get any international brand right at your door step.

Across the world the fashion dresses have taken a special place. By wearing your favorite brand and design you can also become a fashion idol. With the increasing demand for the fashion accessories the designers are coming up with lots of new designs every now and then.