Eco-Friendly Fashion - 10 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Sustainable and Your Friends Green With Envy

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There’s a lot of talk right now in the fashion design world about green being the new black. But when it comes to knowing what really makes a garment environmentally friendly, people are a little, excuse the expression, green behind the ears. So what is sustainable fashion, and how can you build a wardrobe that’s truly green? While some might think that eco-friendly fashion just means clothing made with organic cotton or recycled yarns, there are many ways to have a green wardrobe - some simple, and some more complicated.

1.Keep what you already own. Really? Can it be that easy? Yes! Just because the clothes currently in your closet weren’t eco-friendly to begin with doesn’t mean you should throw them out and start from scratch. Wearing what you already own requires no new materials, no water or energy to produce it, and no shipping. It’s the most green thing you can do.

2. Don’t wash them so much. Washing machines consume huge amounts of water and energy, while utilizing harsh detergents and chemicals that do the environment no favors. Try to wash full loads less frequently, and line dry if possible. And avoid dry cleaning if you can.

3. Buy pre-owned fashion. If you do want to buy something, shop vintage. When you buy used clothing, you’re recycling it, saving it from the landfill. And it required no additional resources to produce it.

4. Buy clothes that last. When you do need to purchase a new item of clothing, choose something that will last for years- not just in terms of durability, but timelessness in style. A classic dress made with inorganic cotton that you keep for 20 years is a lot more eco-friendly than a trendy one made with organic hemp that you only wear for one season.

5. Shop for new clothes made from recycled ones. Perhaps inspired by their class projects from fashion college, some innovative, up and coming designers are creating entire fashion lines constructed of fabric from cast-off clothing. That means old men’s dress shirts given new life as skirts, or vintage kimonos reincarnated as wedding gowns.

6. Buy new clothes and accessories made from recycled non-clothing. New technologies are making it possible for manmade objects like plastic water bottles to be shredded and woven into fibers to make sweaters and socks. You can find handbags made of recycled candy wrappers, and shoes made from old rubber tires. Everything old is indeed new again.

7. Look for organic fabrics. Because most major retailers and fashion design labels are using organic fabrics as their entree into the eco-friendly category, consumers are increasingly more familiar with organic cotton, linen, wool, and hemp. To be certified organic, the natural materials used in the fabric must be farmed without pesticides and herbicides.

8. Beware of “greenwashing.” Many fashion companies like to claim that their clothes are green, but they may be jumping on the green bandwagon while actually harming the earth. For example, many companies are touting bamboo this and bamboo that, since the public perception is that bamboo is green. But not all bamboo is created equal. True, the plant is renewable, but forests and animal habitats are being cleared to make way for some plantations.

9. Shop locally. Clothing made in the United States or, better yet, your hometown, reduces the amount of energy needed to ship that garment to your neighborhood store. And you’re supporting the local economy.

10. Demand Fair Trade Practices. Besides the material and energy resources required to make a garment, more light has been shed in recent years on the human resources. Environmentally conscious consumers are urging manufacturers to cease child labor and sweat shop conditions, instead providing employees with fair wages, reasonable hours, safe working conditions, and access to health care.

While some shopping behaviors, such as buying only fair trade merchandise, can be difficult and expensive, it’s nice to know that some of the greenest things you can do for your wardrobe are actually easy and free.


If you are fascinated by how clothes are made, you may be interested in a career in fashion design. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more info.

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Whataya Want From Me

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it looks like detective latoya jackson took a break from sleuthing and getting to the bottom of everything to play “the phantom of the opera” for one night over in dresden, german where she was the guest of honor at the “5th semper opera ball” and picked up some kind of award …. probably for extremely loose lips because her lips didn”t stop flapping after her brother michael jackson suddenly passed away this past june! i don”t really have anything bad to say about her but i did feel she was really trying to hog the spotlight - girlfriend just needed to calm down - at least she wasn”t as bad as tila tequila who”s beyond out of control at the moment! on a quick personal note - thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes via twitter and facebook - 34 feels pretty damn good and i plan on making this year totally rock! much love to all as always - popbytes over & out for tonight ….

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a44 peanut flap bag

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Digital StillCamera
large, roomy bag.
big ol’ flap that fastens with a magnetic snap (nice solid brass buckle is for looks only). Main zipper runs vertically under the flap, in the same orientation as the side zipper. One inside zipper pocket.
Adjustable shoulder strap.
This one’s in a gorgeous neutral tan / sand color 3 ounce nubuck cowhide…soft as soft can be.
Naked, buffed, slightly dry hand (feel). This bag will pick up soil easily…it’ll water stain…and it’ll acquire a nice patina over the years…it’ll end up looking dirty. But very classy. 

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Winter Fashion &amp Makeup Haul Barry M

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I posted lots of pics of this Haul on my blog:…

You can often find discount codes for their e-shop by looking on Google. Make sure to take advantage of that! I got a 20% discount code by following Barry M on Twitter. They ship worldwide and their shipping rates are really inexpensive.

Nailpolishes in Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lilac, Limited Edition Pink.

Lipsticks in Peachy Pink, Dolly Pink, Black.

Blush in Pink Orchid.

Clothes are from local stores:
New Yorker

Womens Leather Pants For Any Occasion

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Some fashion trends come and go, but one item that does not fall into the “trend” category, and one you can be sure is not going anywhere is womens leather pants. No, these are not just for bikers and cowgirls, and you will not hear squeaky noises coming from your pants as you walk in them. Leather is a permanent item in fashion, and there are a ton of different pants to choose from in this fabric.

It seems womens pants these days are all in the skinny pants category. Leather is perfect for this, and virtually anyone can look fantastic in a pair of sleek leather pants along with anything from sexy stilettos to more bulky leather boots. But don’t worry, if you can’t pull off the skinny pants look, there are options in leather that will go great with your body type. Rather than go with the trend in the cut of the pants, go with the cut that flatters your body.

There is a time and place for every fashion, but think twice before donning leather from head to toe. Sure, it is a great way to pull off the vampire look, or perhaps turn heads at that costume party as a dominatrix. But for everyday fashion, this is usually not the way to go. Consider wearing a loose fitting top with your hot, tight leather pants. One of the benefits of leather is it lets you be sexy without really showing any skin. Maybe you prefer to show a little belly with a half shirt and cover your lower body with leather. Any of these looks are sure to be head turners. Leather is a great way to get away from what we see all too often with women showing way too much in an attempt to be sexy. A sexy pair of women’s leather pants gives you a lot of flexibility with your top so you can go in any direction your mood dictates.

It used to be that leather pants did not have a place in a woman’s work wardrobe. Things are different today as there are some very classy looking leather suits available that are more than appropriate for the workplace. A great way to not be too over the top with leather in the workplace is to go with a silk or cotton blouse under your leather jacket or vest.

As you can see, leather is a fashion item that is not limited to a season or any particular setting. Like anything else, you can go over the top with it if you try hard enough. But, with a little fashion sense, you can also be the talk of the club, or office, or anywhere else you choose with the right pair of womens leather pants!


If you are looking for the perfect pair of womens leather pants, don’t miss the author’s womens leather guide for tons of useful information.

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Rhinestone Jewerly - Girls' next best friend

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Cheap Monday Big Envelope Bag: Snob or Slob?

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Cheap Monday Big Envelope Bag: Snob or Slob?

I”m on the fence about this Cheap Monday Big Envelope Bag ($55). I really want to want it, but it”s just too big! I like the idea of taking an envelope clutch and expanding it to a messenger and the unique asymmetrical zipper opening is a nice touch, but the way it fits over the body just looks wrong. Plus the hardware on the adjustable strap looks very weak (I can imagine filling the bag with books and it ripping from the looks of it….). It”s unfortunate too because if the messenger were just a touch smaller it could double as an over-sized clutch (and you wouldn”t have to bother with the cheap strap….). Alas, I”m going to have to conclude that this bag is more of slob than a snob (not to mention, perhaps a bit too appropriately named!).

What do you think about this Cheap Monday messenger? Snob or Slob?

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Bold &amp Cunky

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bracelet assortment 

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Vesa Toskala’s Fashion Sense

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Segment about Vesa Toskala and his love of fashion aired during the 1/12/08 Leafs at Sharks game.