How to Promote Your Fashion Business

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If you are an upcoming designer who wants to showcase your talents to the world you definitely should and you can. Reaching out to world has become a lot easier than it used to be. Today you can use the internet as your most powerful marketing tool.

Building a website can be the first step towards promoting your fashion business. You may have already thought about this for sure. But when you approached web designers did their charges give you a shock? But don’t fret just yet. A useful and cost effective solution to this problem would be using fashion web templates.

Using a web template may sound boring and as an aspiring artist you have very high standards and hopes for your fashion website. But the truth is web templates are not as bad as you may think they are. In fact the fashion web templates you find today are pretty extraordinary. There are professional web template designers who offer unique fashion templates that you can customize to your needs. In fact you can find a whole variety of fashion website templates that serve different purposes. You could be launching a new brand, or a new store and you could find a template that sets the right tone.

Before you begin your quest to find the right template, it is important for you to know what purpose your website should serve. You will be bombarded with thousands of designs when you start your search so you need to properly plan out what you want your website to do for you. Once you’ve done this you can head out to find a fashion website template that matches your needs.

Some simple things to keep in mind when planning your website include

o Who is the audience for your website?

o How many people do you expect to use the site?

o What capabilities (ordering, database, audio, video, and so on) will you need?

o How often will you have to update the Web site?

o What will it cost to design the website?

o What will it cost to host the site

The best thing about using a website template is that you will save a truck load of money on designing costs, so you can strike that off the list. The pre-designed website templates already incorporate several factors that are associated to the fashion business. Just search through the category specific template designs and you will most certainly find templates that make your website more useful. Also when it comes to hosting costs, several template designers offer you free hosting for a certain period of time. Look out for these kinds of advantages when picking a template.

If you would like to cut costs even further you can always opt for a free fashion web template. There are several good designs out there and giving them a try isn’t going to cost you a thing. You could even use the free fashion template to do a test launch of your line and study customer responses based on which you can fine tune your services.

Once you find the right web template for your fashion website you can use it promote your designs and showcase your latest collection and products. You can use your website to talk about latest fashion trends and discuss the hottest news from the fashion world too.


Fashion Templates

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First Lady of Fashion: Michelle or Carla?

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Bold Glass Pearl Bridal Necklace Set

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Add elegance to your fashion accessories with wholesale glass pearl jewelry. 

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Michael Jackson Fashion Halloween

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Happy Birthday Michael!
August 29th.

My best friend’s clothing site! Check it out for hot fashion for men and women!

This tutorial will give you some ideas on how to vamp up your wardrobe using Michael’s style.

His music was iconic, but so was his fashion sense.
We miss you!

I spent over a week looking for all the right pieces. I spent a lot of time prepping for this video, but I loved every second of it. I really tried my best to get all the outfits, but because of the limited time and his birthday rolling around the corner, I had to make quick decisions like using tape on the Thriller jacket and using the necklace on the military blazer. Please excuse the fact that it’s not perfect!

All music is from Michael Jackson. I own no copyrights to any of these songs.

For the thriller red jacket, I used black electrical tape on it to create the “Thriller” jacket look. If you can’t buy the original jacket, you can make it like I did!

. A lot of people asked, but this entire collection cost me around $1,000.00. I flew to NYC just to get a few items like the H&M jacket. I left out a few items, but you are seeing the most key outfits!

All the clothes are from

The Military Jacket- H&M
The Military Vest- Parasuco
Black Leather Jacket - Forever 21
Red Leather Jacket - Charlotte Russe
Gold Leggings - Wet Seal
Gold Necklace - Target
White V Neck - Target
White Dress Shirt - Rue 21
Black Fitted Blazer- Goodwill Boy Size Blazer
White Boy Size Suit - Syms
Red Jeans - Pacsun
Red Bomber Jacket - Forever 21
Blue Tee - Pacsun
Black Fedora Hat - Ebay
White Fedora Hat - Spencers Gift Shop
Sequins Gloves - Ebay
Fingerless Studded Gloves - Claires
I Love MJ Tee - Rue 21 or Charlotte Russe
Black Boots - Christian Louboutin

Forgot to link this to my previous video, but a newspaper and video article on me =D…

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Fashion Trends in Our Life

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Fashion is a part already of our daily life. We adopt our fashion style depends on the weather or seasons occurred. The effect of Fashion in our life gives us the benefit of getting into something new. Through fashion we are re-establish new line of our culture. We invent new knowledge of redefining ourselves. An effect of regenerating new trends of lifestyle and building new generations of people through Fashion. Fashion impost what we wear whatever is in season.

Otherwise, you are not recognized if you wear a conflict clothes that is not suited in the season. Usually, in fashion, we follow a certain norms in order to get “IN” in the majority style of trends. Its just like following some certain rules of becoming a fashionable in a sort of certain season. Mostly on celebrities take place the eye of the world updating on what fashion they have.

An effect of judging them by the population of the world on what they wear on certain occasion. In this reason, celebrities are come up to have a famous designer in order to incorporate with them their own sense of style.The latest fashion trends is one way of changing the fashion style from the previous. The latest is dealing to be the best trends by this time.

Again live it to the PRO’s, the latest fashion trends are always starts on what clothes are wears by the celebrities and models. As we saw the clothes they wears, we imitate or adopt it and became the newest trends of fashion. The designer’s are the brains of hitting the new fashion style. They forecast what is “IN”. But somebody don’t agree on what trends are in today.

They have their own identity in creating their own style of fashion. Create your style is one way of diverting a new trend of fashion into a personalize style of fashion.

Most of personalize style are applies by teenagers. They want something new and unique style that differs to others. In this concept, they create a new line of fashion trends that keeps their own identity as a teenager.


Angel Richens is an Author of Fashion Zone Blog.

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Fashion week

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Victorian Era Fashion

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Museum of Decorative Arts, Riga (part of Alexandre Vassiliev’s collection) 

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Coveting Queen Street

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Coveting Queen Street

After grinding it out for a year on the non-shopping destination that”s King west of Bathurst, Covet + Crave has moved north to Queen where it has teamed with former resident Brazen Hussy on a new store selling plenty of denim and tops for women and, yes, even some guys stuff too.

Check out my profile of the new Covet + Crave in the fashion stores section.

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Designer Bags – How to Buy a Bag for Less

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When you go out for a casual hangout or for a party, you put on your best dress, and step into a pair of shoes which match your dress perfectly. However, do you pay equal amount of attention to your handbags also?


Shopping and choosing a great designer bag or purse can be a strenuous task. With several fake handbags available in the market today, investing in a real one is a big decision. Here are some useful tips to help you shop real handbags for less money.


Tips to Buy Real Handbags for Less Money


Check online auction websites – Online auction websites often sell designer bags at great discounts. Always buy from a reputable seller, as many auction sellers may deal in replicas.


Check your local resale stores – Genuine designer handbags are often available at resale stores in large cities. You can usually get them for deep discounts at these stores.


Buy where designer bag resellers buy – You will find several insider bag buyers’ guides on the World Wide Web that may help you to understand where to buy these bags at great wholesale prices.


Consider hiring a designer bag – If you would just wish to carry a designer handbag for a special purpose, consider a few websites that enables you to hire a bag for an evening. One can find these websites easily by doing a little Google search.


Check estate sales, yard sales, and local church sales – These can be wonderful sources to buy designer handbags for less, especially if sale is organized in an affluent area. Be persistent to get higher end handbags at these events. However, the reward will become well worth it if you ultimately find your dream handbag at a great discount.

Selena Gomez Fashion Do You Like How She Dresses

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Hello Fashion fans! Welcome to CLevver TV. I’m Joslyn in our Beverly Hills studio with all the latest on Disney’s hottest “it” girl Selena Gomez.

Fans of Gomez are obsessed with her every move and that doesn’t exclude her fashion choices. The teen star always has the cutest outfits and is sure to be the next fashion icon. And not suprisingly, The Texas native is all about the boots. At a recent photo shoot, she even showed fans how to steal her look by wearing some of the season’s trendiest styles. Her tips included layering long sleeved T’s under cute dresses during the chilly months and wearing leggings under tall boots to achieve a pulled together look. Gomez also admitted to loving Uggs which she says keep her warm and comfy in the winter. And she says that if she’s not sporting boots, then she’s definetley a converse girl!

Selena took her love of layering and boots to a whole new level at the premier of “Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds” premier when she wore an adorable black jumpsuit over jeans with a trendy vest and little black booties. Very fashionable and great dressy-casual look!

And of course what girl doesn’t love to dress up from time to time. Gomez had no trouble holding her own against fashionistas like Eva Mendes and Lucy Lui at a recent red carpet event. Gomez recieved rave reviews for her Matthew Williamson frock and her willingness to wear a purple color-popping belt.

The Wizards of Waverly Place star turned heads on the red carpet for “Hotel for Dogs” in a gorgeous white, short sleeved dress. She finished off the look with a red lip and a side-swept do. And of course her best accessory was her companion-She was escorted by “Shep,” one of the doggie stars in the film.

Regardless of what even Gomez is going to, she seems to base her choices on what’s comfortable and appropriate.

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