Fashion File: Voluptuous Vuitton

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Lisbon Fashion Week

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A model wears a creation by the Portuguese designer Filipe Faisca during Lisbon Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2009, 12 Octouber 2008 at Cascais. MIGUEL A. LOPES/LUSA

P.S. O crop é grande e perdeu alguma qualidade mas mesmo assim acho muito bonita para o o ano vou tentar fazer esta foto mas sem crops 

Source: Miguel A. Lopes "Migufu"

VANS - High-Quality Fashion Footwear For the Young and Hip

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Footwear has become very trendy these days. Gone are the days, when shoes were for comfort of feet. The modern lifestyle demands neatly designed; colourful and appealing footwear. Advanced manufacturing techniques are used in the making of shoes. There are many companies that cater to the young and hip market. One respected and popular name in the fashion footwear for the youth segment is VANS. The entire product gallery of VANS is concentrated on providing high-quality, trendy and ultra stylish footwear, apparel and other fashion wear to young boys and girls. In addition to shoes, VANS also offers creatively designed apparel and watches. VANS have a cult-following in many parts of the globe and its various products are part of many wardrobes. VANS products have its admirers in celebrities, sportsmen and businessmen.

VANS product range offers hundreds of different styles of shoes, slippers, sandals, action shoes and other different types of footwear. The collection ranges from classical footwear to custom shoes to modern hip varieties and ensures to meet the style and preferences of men and women of all ages. The company also offers an exclusive Go Green collection of products which is designed using earth-friendly techniques. The Go Green collection includes shoes, t-shirts and other stuff of various varieties and in multiple designs.

VANS also have a great collection for fashionable girls and women who are always in lookout for cool and chic footwear. The shoes, sandals and other footwear are not only designed with current style trends in mind but also use high quality materials to give you extra durability and high comfort. Each product at VANS is imaginatively designed with great attention to detail.

You can shop for VANS Shoes, watches and apparel with ease from its retail stores. The company has a worldwide presence and the products are available in all popular destinations across the world. There are VANS retail stores in major cities where you can shop for all its products. People can shop its products online. There are many online apparel and shoe shops that store Vans Shoes, apparel and other products. You can visit any of the online stores that offer its services in your area and browse through the entire VANS product collection. It would be a smart idea to shop around in a few stores and enquire about the prices before booking your order. Also make sure that you are buying only authentic products.


I am Alice Holmes working as a marketing manager at ShoesFact. For more information on shoe brands log on to

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iTalk iPhone iPod

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Handmade medium tote bags with Amy Butler Fabric and Linen lining.

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Two handmade tote bags using Amy Butler fabrics. Each bag was interfaced to stiffen the fabric and lined with a lovely co-ordinating turquoise linen. 

Source: london mummy

American Apparel Coupons For a Colorful and Juicy Wardrobe

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Are you going for that unique and chic style but you just can’t find the perfect outfit that expresses your personality properly? Why not try shopping at American Apparel? They have the funkiest pieces that will drive you wild with excitement. If you’re tired of the usual style that you see in magazines and on the street, then it’s time that you start your own style. But do you have to worry about how much you’re going to spend? Of course not. With the American Apparel coupons, the only thing you should worry about is whether you can carry all the bags you are going to go home with.

From brightly colored thigh-high socks to yummy colored and shiny backpacks, to fluorescent-colored tights, there is nothing ordinary about the pieces at American Apparel. If you want to express that funky side of yours, all you have to do is browse their store online. And the best thing about it is that you know you’re buying quality product. American Apparel has been providing people with the most edgy pieces these past decades. Also, all their pieces always comes in the juiciest colors that you wouldn’t expect would look good.

If you want to explore their intimate wear, different accessories, tops and bottoms, you can do it better online. Also, this way you can get instant discounts as well on your way to checkout just by entering in the coupon codes you can find. But if you also prefer to have the printable American Apparel coupons, you can also do so by downloading them and printing them yourself. Just make sure that you check the validity period in these coupons so your time wouldn’t have been wasted looking for them in the first place.


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The Thread, Fashion Fitness

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A comparison between "Quick Silver" Kyori’s boots and the footwear from fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquiere’s fall 2007 collection for Balenciaga. 

Source: markgharris67

Sterling Silver Earrings - The Hottest Trends of 2010

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Fashion, especially amongst the ladies, change every season or at least every year. These trends are set by the leading entertainers and popular public figures in the world. However, with the gold prices touching their historic highs, silver has made its mark in the world of fashion. The approaching new decade may therefore set the stage for sterling silver earrings as the hottest trends of 2010.

The latest fashion jewelry for the year 2010 is nothing like what 2009 used to be. The fashion has modeled itself along with the changing moods of the current times and the hottest amongst them are in the earrings segment. The classic style is gradually returning and the vintage sophistication is back.

Sterling silver earrings have made their mark in the changing times due to their low cost and fashionable colors and style. If one is looking out for cheap, beautiful and well matched with gems, then silver is the answer. It not only possesses higher shine than platinum but also looks clean and cool, especially as a daily wear.

Silver earrings can be easily matched up with a chain with a pendent and can be worn with any outfit without spending too much of ones hard earned money. These earrings can be studs or hoops or chandeliers to provide the much needed variety.

Sterling jewelry is always the preferred choice for the fashion world due to its chemical composition. Like gold, silver too is a soft metal and is therefore alloyed with nickel or copper to provide the requisite hardness without losing the sheen. Sterling silver jewelry therefore is ideally of 92.5% purity in silver and is highly prone to tarnishing. Hence, sterling silver earrings - the hottest trends of 2010, often requires polishing to retain its position in the fashion industry.

Due to the low price of the metal, silver jewelry finds the best of the designs as the jewelers have the liberty to try out creative designs. The variety and designs range from the traditional Bali hand made designs to the modern day machine crafted jewelry. One can find sterling silver earrings for online purchases too. However, silver jewelry requires a little maintenance from the natural oxidation process that they undergo. But given all the pros and cons, sterling silver earrings add to the astonishing looks of individuals through shining style and designs.

Sterling silver earrings can be used to set in a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, both to bring charms and to add to the fashion. A growing trend in the world is to wear their birthstone set in sterling jewelry owing to the affordability and ductility of the metal. Moreover, this set of jewelry can also serve as an ideal gift for different occasions.

For thousands of years, silver has served as an object of fashion for men and women. Fine sterling silver earrings- the hottest trends of 2010, principally made up of silver alloyed with copper provides the best of the designs in keeping with the demands of the highest echelon of the fashion industry.


Sarah Carnagie is a silver jewelry lover, and’s head of quality assurance for Sterling Silver Jewelry. You can find more info on sterling and Sterling Silver Earrings at

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ViewDo: How To French Braid Hair

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