Women’s Fashion Shoes

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Money spent on bright colored shoes is safely invested in bright sandals and fun shoes. Think investment. Fashion shoes, if properly cared for, last a nice long time.

Sandals, evening shoes and fun shoes can all be chosen for their immediate use. Think trendy and unique when looking for a pair of shoes.

Evening shoe tips

Even if your dress is down to the floor, don’t think you can get away with just any old shoe when wearing a gorgeous gown. Those old black pumps just won’t do. Even if you do not get out much, a great pair of fashion shoes for evening are a necessary investment.

Putting on a great pair of fashion shoes is enough to signal the shift that is necessary when going out for the evening. Attitude is everything and evening fashion shoes can take you there.

*Low cut shoes and open strappy styles are more slimming than closed toed shoes. One of the best evening looks is a sling back style or any shoe with a angled strap.

*Flats or a low heel can give an evening trousers or suit, kicked back chic. Tall women can also wear flats with full, ankle length ballerina style skirts.

*Elegant closed style shoes can be cut in a dressy fabric for an evening impact. Patent leather, silk, satin or beaded fabrics look better than matte leather in an evening fashion shoe.

*Evening shoes don’t have to be black, in fact, silver or gold is just as classic. Go ahead and make your outfit really pop with a shiny boldly colored shoe.


Sandals are another form of fashion shoe that can be chosen for the fun of it all. Shoes do not have to be all serious. Update your summer wardrobe simply be changing up your shoes. Neutral outfits look brand new when pairing them with bright sandals.

* If only neutral will do for you, a beige, khaki or nude sandal can be made more exciting by choosing neutral reptile. Fake snake and mock croc make a nice fashion shoe.

*White is not a neutral color in shoes. A bright white sandal is a fashion shoe statement.

Fun Shoes

Fun shoes like ballet flats, or wedges are nice options when getting ready for the day.

*Ballet Flats are great with cropped slim trousers and miniskirts.

*Wedges make chunky calves look slim, they even make the foot itself look smaller.

*Roman sandals and leather thongs with their free spirit look, go well with loose looks like caftans, summer linens and tunic dresses.

Comfort Tip

There most likely isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t suffered for beautiful shoes. Even if the fashion shoe you are considering purchasing is only for a special occasion, there are ways around pain.

*Getting the right size is most important. Feet actually grow as you age. Just because you were an 8 when you were twenty, does not mean you will still wear that size at forty.


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Jeans fashion today

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an array of accessories…

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pick from rich leather portfolio bags, deep tan leather belts, wallets, silk ties & more.. 

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Fashion Stores – Providing Accessibility to the Latest Trends

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What comes to your mind with the sound of the word “Fashion”?

Is it Garments, Makeup, Accessories, Lifestyle or footwear?

Well, all those and many more constitute Fashion. Fashion stores are one of the best places to find the clothing and accessories which makes us fashionable.

The fashion stores can be found just about anywhere in this world and they provide their customers with the most exquisite designs and the latest fashion trends.

Gone are the days when Fashion was a proprietary of the rich and classy people. With so many designers setting up stores in various parts of the world, fashion is more accessible to just about everyone now.

The fashion stores cater not only for the rich people, these days many exclusive stores are also focusing on the middle class people. Just name it and it is available.

Apart from that, the fashion stores these days not only accommodate to the needs of the people alone. There are many stores that also provide fashion accessories for the pets. Yes, they do exist. That is the kind of variety which the people get these days, not only for themselves but also for their adorable lovely pets.

Not many people visit the fashion shows due to time constraints or any other reasons. One of the best ways to make up for this is to hit the nearest fashion store. The people who run such stores are very knowledgeable when it comes to latest trends, and they would be more than glad to assist you with your choice of fashion.

Get going, create a statement that has your exclusive Fashion trade mark, and make sure that and it does fit your pocket and comfort levels.

Importance Of Ladies Handbags And Fashion Handbags In Today’s Fashion World

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Today fashion represents not only clothes but the jewelry and other accessories also. Ladies handbags is one of the major accessories of today’s fashion world. Trendy bags are used both by the ladies and the teens to complete todays crazy fashion beauty concept. Fashion hand bags work brilliantly with both the formal and casual dresses and for every occasiion. Ladies fashion bags are available in innumerable styles and design that is bound to suit the distinct taste of the buyers. The selection of fashion handbags include bright colored casual bags, to hand bags that are really fantastic for holidays and multi-pocket shoulder bags in gorgeous shades. A unique look is given to each fashion bag by mix and matching materials to metal latches, padlocks and heavy-duty chain straps etc. These include beach bags, sports bags, shopping bags, tote bags, travel bags, wine bags, jewelry bags, drawstring bags, shoulder bags, evening bags etc. These bags reflects a great variety of design, size and color. The various designs of fashion Bags are inspired from the combination of art, fashion and the confluence of modern and traditional cultures. Embroidery work, beaded work, totally handcrafted work, mirror work, sequin work etc are used to add more elegency to these ladies handbags. Fashion hand bags are crafted with elegant pattern in incredible, rich colors. Fashion hand bags are mainly made from silk, jute, cotton and canvas. The manufacturer’s also customize these bags to match all the specifications and requirement of the buyers. Other fabrics used are nylon, plastic, denim, leather, polyester, vinyl, etc. Handbags are elegant functional creations as well as decorative objects. Designer handbags are used by all ages and their various designs and styles are suited to all tastes. Buyers can choose distinct handbags by style, uniqueness and unmatchable quality. The varieties of designs of ladies fashion handbags are unique and exclusive.

The various styles of handbags may include backpack, cosmetic bags, drawstring, duffel, evening bags, men’s bags, shopper bags, shoulder bags, etc. Effective use of a variety of techniques such as piecing, applique and embroidery is also done to impart a fashionable look to all these handbags. Diaper bags are one of the most useful bags; they are manufactured, more because of their functional utility. It holds any and every item one can need for the baby. It can also be called as the all-purpose baby bag. They are specially designed to carry baby things like travel wipes, diapers, bottles, toys etc. More and more embellishment are seen on evening bags in recent years. These are embellished with butterflies, feathers, motor bike straps, stabbed with decorative applied brooches and finished with shoulder chain straps. Evening bags are stitched over in Indian traditional designs that have roses or geometric mirror image as well as contemporary designs with beautiful prints. These bags can further be decorated with the help of beads and sequins. Designer shoulder bags are stylish, compact and extremely efficient. These store all the needed items without the worry of damaging or losing the

belongings. They are available in distinct design and style. These are easy to carry and can be put to rigorous use. These bags have their shoulder strap going completely around bag and can be further facilitated with small handles. The shoulder straps are padded and may come with adjustable length.

These are immaculately finished for years of regular use. Some of the popular material used are PVC, nylon, polyester, denim, jute, plastic, cotton, khaki twill, canvas and leather. Tote bags possess a particular beauty and charm of their own. Introduced in plenty of innovative designs and styles, these bags have plenty of room to carry everything one needs to carry. The tote bags have an enduring style, that are both easy to make and well suited to a wide variety of uses. These bags can easily carry the pack up for a day trip or a vacation and are a better option than grocery and shopping bags that can easily rip off. They are ideal for everything from groceries to garden tools and beach towels. These bags can be created with a wide range of materials, patterns and sizes. Promotional tote bags are also available for award programs, trade shows and conventions, company functions and sponsored events. An extensive line of tote bags are available with a variety of features such as zippers, pockets, straps and handles, as well as a wide array of colors and fabrics. Available in many design and styles, these bags can complement both formal and casual looks These bags can very well carry a designer look without outshining its utilitarian value. The looks of these bags are further enhanced with the help of embroidery, beads and sequins. Hands painted tote bags are also popular among buyers. We, at Chatterjee Fashions is an India (State: West Bengal) based wholesale handicraft, ladies handbags, fashion jewelry and Beaded Jewelry export unit. We are engaged in Today’s fashion requirements as well as all old traditions in our handicraft items and introduce these cultural home improvement items and fashions to rest of the world.


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Soccer Boots 2008

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Adapting The Latest Fashion Trend

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When you think of the word ‘Fashion’, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Women’. Fashion and women are synonymous and go hand in hand at various occasions. Majority of the women have endless passion of dressing-up according to the latest fashion trend without giving a thought to whether the outfit suits them or not.

Although, lately fashion has been making an impact on the lives of men as well, it is of special significance to women. Fashion trend that changes every now and than is delightfully followed by the stylish female segments all over the world

From where do these Fashion trends originate?

Since most of the women adopt the latest trend of fashion by watching other trendy women around, the real source of these fashion trends remains unknown. However the ramps of various popular fashion events are believed to be the origin of this so called “Fashion Trend”.

The celebrities who are considered as style icons are also responsible for setting various fashion trends. The youngsters are often seen imitating their favorite celebrity in crave of dressing up like them and proving themselves stylish enough among their friends. Similarly the elderly lot of the society is seen getting inspired by the popular TV shows.

Copying the trend sensibly is quite a trick when it comes to following the latest fashion trend. Follow a particular trend only if you are comfortable enough with it. Don’t force it on yourself. You need to make sure you conserve your own uniqueness within those fashionable outfits and accessories

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Guidelines and Tips For Building Your Wardrobe

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1) The basics you should have

? Accessories


You will need a pair of pumps, sandals (heels or flat), boots, sneakers and slip-ons.


You will need a big everyday bag (neutral color-black/dark brown), an evening bag and a cosmetic purse.



Blue and black/dark gray. Choose a style to suit your body shape.

-Cardigan or soft jacket

This you can use instead of a formal jacket.


Length depends on your legs and your preference. Remember to dress according to your body shape.

-A classic button up shirt

Linen, cotton, silk or modern viscose are good fabric choices.

-Shorts/cropped pants/Capri pants

Choose styles to suit your body shape.

-A classic white short sleeved T-shirt and a long sleeved T-shirt.

You can use this instead of a vest; just make sure it is 100% cotton.

-A smart/ tailored jacket

Choose a length and style to suit your body shape.

-A black dress

A little black number is always easy to dress up or down, just add accessories.

-Smart black pants

Choose a style to suit your body shape.

2) A step up from the basics

? Accessories

Accessories are a great way to change the look of an outfit and to add some character.








? Clothes

-Different colors and fabrics

Anything will really go with your basics (as mentioned in the above section).

-Fashion items

These items come and go and so you can add them to your already existing classic/basic wardrobe. This way you can stay up to date without having to keep buying a completely new wardrobe.

3) Keeping up with trends

I personally don’t go for everything that is in fashion as a lot of the times there are things I just don’t like or things that don’t suit my body shape. Never force yourself to wear something that you don’t like, don’t feel comfortable in and doesn’t suit you, just because it is trendy! Keeping up with trends helps keep you up to date with whats hot and whats not. This does not mean that if you are in your 40s you must dress like a teenager. You will find, in one or more of the below sources, clothes to keep you up to date within your age group and/or preference.

? Magazines

? Movies

? Music videos

? TV Programs

4) Shopping tips

? Before hitting the mall

1. Go through all your clothes.

2. Make a pile for usable clothes by setting aside all your basic usable clothes.

3. Set aside anything else that you still like to wear. Add this to your usable pile.

4. You should then be left with clothes that you do not wear, that you do not like, are out dated or do not suit you

5. Out of this pile, make a pile for re-usable clothes by choosing clothes that you can alter and wear again.

6. You can then make a disposable pile with all your left over clothes. Either give these away or sell them.

7. Now make a list of all your wardrobe needs according to the above basic list of what you should have (these are the items you buy first).

8. Once you have your complete basic wardrobe you can move onto your fashion items and have fun trying out different colors (remember to wear your colors that suit you) and fabrics.

? Whilst shopping

1. Don’t get into a buying frenzy

2. Look for good quality fabrics

3. Make sure that an item you buy, will mix and match with five other items in your existing wardrobe

4. When buying your basic wardrobe items, make sure they are good quality, as these items will need to last the longest.

5. Do not buy something just because it is cheap. You must like it, feel comfortable in it and look good in it.

6. Keep the label on as you may change your mind when you get home. Trying clothes on at home will also give you a better idea than trying them on in the shops because at home you can play around with your own shoes and accessories.

7. Do not be in a rush when you shop. Try each item on and mentally mix and match it with what you already have at home.

8. Think carefully before you buy.

9. Usually the sizes of sales items are very large or very small. Make sure it fits properly or calculate additional costs for alterations.

Happy successful shopping and have FUN!


To find out what body shape you are and to see tips on how to dress and exercise according to your specific body shape, visit http://www.slimmingyourway.com and click on the top tab that says Body Shapes & Tips.
To see photos of celebrities with and without makeup, visit http://www.starswithoutmakeup.net

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Things You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Fashion Store

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In case you are planning to become a proud owner of a fashion store then do not worry and work yourself a headache. People all around the world are keenly interested in the designer garment business.

Everyone wants to dress uniquely these days and make their trademark style statement. So before you start your business venture these are certain things that you need to consider-

  1. Any business will need good planning and also funding. For starting a fashion store you will need to have enough capital to fund a good location.

You need to remember that if you have a prime business location more people will have access to your store.

Also start an online site so that customers may purchase your goods online. Small conveniences add up to a lot of reputation.

  1. Pre decide on what you want to sell in your store. There are specific options like lingerie, kids wear, men’s store or you can have universal clientele.

  1. Again you have a choice of whose clothing you want to sell. Do you like designing your own clothing? If yes you can sell what you design yourself. You may also want to think about selling other designers’ clothes.

Starting a business requires adequate knowledge about that field. If you do not know about fashion then you will find it hard to satisfy your customers.

So you need to provide them clothing with stylish appeal and they will keep coming back to your fashion store.

The only downside of starting this store is the initial investment. However, with a smart business plan you can turn this venture into a profitable one.