2010 Spring/Summer Collection From Myco Anna

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Casual Dress Attire

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Springtime Jewelry Fashion Suggestions

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Why not consider buying heart-shaped springtime jewelry for yourself, or for your special someone? After all, “In spring, the young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.” But it’s not just young men, surely! When spring rolls around, thoughts of l’amour murmur within every one of us. Heart-shaped accessories and gifts are certainly popular.

Spring is often thought of as the Valentine season, since it’s what’s in store for everyone by the time February 14 rolls around. On this day of hearts, treat your special girl to a necklace, a brooch or a pair of earrings that says just how much you love her. Though the heart shape is extremely popular, it doesn’t have to be common or tacky: a heart-shaped brooch made of tiny diamonds, for example, speaks of sophistication and a fine eye. Neither does it have to be expensive: heart-shaped earrings or silver heart outline pendants could fit reasonably in one’s budget. A thin silver band with hearts etched all around it would be affordable, and would make an especially fine gift in the bargain.

And even if you’re shopping for a special guy, heart-shaped jewelry need not be corny - in fact, your man may find it quirky and unique! Cufflinks with a heart design, for example, could come in many colors, and go tastefully with your man’s power suit. If you have a party guy in tow, bright red heart cufflinks would make him the envy of every Casanova in the house!

But if you’re not into the heart shape, don’t fret: springtime jewelry isn’t confined to that. Jewelry could come in other springtime motifs, like daisies and butterflies, favorites of children and young people everywhere. If you’re shopping for something cute to go with your new spring outfit, try a fun butterfly brooch or jeweled hairclip.

In springtime, young people just love to frolic in the cool outdoors. For this reason, picnics and nature trips are especially popular in the spring. With flowers in full bloom and a temperate breeze blowing, the days spent with loved ones outdoors seem almost perfect. To make the most of these casual excursions, people like to wear unobtrusive clothing, in the process discarding apparel that in the winter had been bulky and concealing. We see the lovely spring dresses, sleeveless or frilled, with the low-cut collars that show off the formerly hidden beauty of a young woman’s neckline. When these comfortable dresses come out, so do the comfortable jewelry.

When wearing a spring dress with a dipping neckline, consider matching it with cascading earrings, or a simple necklace with a small pendant resting on your collarbone. Either would accentuate the grace of your neck and shoulders. Consider the colors of the jewelry you wear, too: colorful beads and wire jewelry would definitely suit any spring ensemble, and certainly drive away the gloom of winter while welcoming in the seasons of fun and sun! But springtime jewelry that comes in soft colors are a favorite, especially among people with delicate features. It brings out the wearer’s youthfulness and inspires a relaxed look.


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Gwen Stefani Shows Off Her L.A.M.B. Fashion Line

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Merino Wool &amp Cashmere Knit Neckarmer / Cowl

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a Tickled Pink Knits design

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Latest Fashion Trends - Straw Woven Bags

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Fashion is always the hot topic and pursuit of every woman over the whole world. They spend most of their time shopping, dressing and exchanging opinions to follow the fashion trends. And they need to keep doing these stuffs as fashion is as mysterious as a blast of wind; you never know when it comes and when it leaves. Then, what are this summer’s fashion trends?

Summer is full of sunshine and festivities, so it’s the perfect time for people to entirely release themselves and embrace nature. And this summer, some of the latest fashion trends tend to turn back to a more countryside and nature-inspired background; straw woven bags come to be the most popular fashion handbags for women.

We all know that straw woven handbags are perfect for the beach outfit. They are cute, delicate, lightweight, and also nature-friendly. Their good smell can even remind you of the meadow and forests. The straw woven bags can well match short suits, and sunny dresses with cute over-sized or cute and smaller accessories.

However, it’s no longer a golden rule to limit the sporting of straw woven handbags to the beach outfit.

Instead, it’s an increasingly popular fashion to bring them onto the streets and enhance the beauty and chic. All you have to do is to learn how to choose the right style and color to fit with your sportswear or romantic maxi dress.

There are many offered straw bags in the market that vary in color and style. You can find the totes, satchels and also clutches for all events and plenty of colors for every occasion. You can pick pink, orange, green or coffee straw handbags. But among these colors, the most popular and well-loved color is the natural hue of straw. It’s more likely to remind you of nature and get you close to it and embrace it.

Fashion is a thing that hard to control and explain, and you can never entirely grasp it. What you have to do is keeping following it and generating your own way of fashion. This summer, you become a chic with the support of straw woven handbags, but what about next summer or this autumn? Could you still take straw bags as your fashion trump? It’s hard to say.


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Fashion goes patriotic for the summer

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Jessica Simpson Heels Fashion Show

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Colar Pérolas Porcelana

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