Carrie Ann Inaba On Oscar Fashion Hits, Misses

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Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2011: Doii Lee (???) Doii Paris

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Finding Work As A Fashion Model

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Your main goal as a model is finding work. There are two general approaches that you can take to finding work as a model. You can either work with an agent or agency or you can promote yourself. Once you figure out your approach you can then take the steps to finding work as a model.

Choosing Your Approach

When you choose to work with an agent or agency they are the one that finds you jobs and get you in contact with possible jobs. They will arrange your marketing materials and promote you. The benefit here is that they have contacts established within the industry and may already have a working relationships with people who will hire you. Of course, most agents or agencies will not just represent you, so you are competing to be the one they are pushing for the jobs.

When you work for yourself you are in control. The downside here is that you have to find work for yourself. You have to promote yourself and do all the leg work necessary to market yourself. This includes putting together all your marketing tools. When you are just starting it can be difficult to make connections and start getting jobs.

If you choose to work on your own then you will need to put together your marketing materials.

Start With Photos

Photos are going to be your main sales tool. Next to your personality, you photos will be the main deciding factor in whether you get hired or not. You can use black and white photos, but make sure you also have colored photos.

Your photos need to be high quality and professional. You also will need a head shots and full body shots. Try to get some various poses and types of photos so you can show your range as a model.

You will need a composite or head shot. This is should be a very good photo that really shows your features. You will also need a comp card which is similar to a business card, but has small photos of you and some information about your basic stats and experience.


You will need to put together a portfolio of the photos you have. Your portfolio should include any photos from past jobs and some of your test photos. Your portfolio should be put together nicely in a binder that is easy to flip through. Your portfolio should be taken with you on go sees and whenever you are meeting for a potential job.

Your Personality

As mentioned, besides photos you personality is very important in helping you to get a job. Whether you are working with an agent or agency or you are going at it yourself, you are responsible for your personality.

You need to be confident without being arrogant. You need to make sure that you are pleasant and easy to work with. Never complain and always defer to what the client or photographer wants. There is no room to be bossy, difficult to work with or snobby. You need to be someone that people will enjoy working with.

Getting work as a model is not going to be easy no matter how you choose to approach it. In order to ensure you have the best chance of securing a job you need to put together a great portfolio of quality photos and show off the best side of your personality.


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Rolex Sea Dweller Pro Hunter swiss replica watch

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Brown Leather Bomber Jackets for Women - Take to the Fashion Skies Ladies

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Brown bomber leather women’s jackets could speak a lot about you. You can look stylish and comfortable in a more subtle way. These brown jackets are the understated counterpart of the black ones.

When you go brown with your bomber jacket in leather, you could give an impression that you are conservative and totally laid back. When worn with the right ensemble and color combination, the result could be surprisingly stunning.

People who wear brown are mostly patient and kind. This earthy tone gives off a feeling of responsibility and stability. A brown leather jacket is great when paired with white. You can look fresh and lovely when a cropped leather jacket in brown is coupled with a white, flow-y dress. You can even wear it with your brown knee-high boots.

So say more with brown - a brown bomber leather jacket will never fail you no matter what. There are many ways brown leather jackets could work for you. It can take you a higher level of “chic-ness” without going over the top. These bomber jackets are casual and fun to wear!

They can go well with denims and other casual pants and skirts. They even belong in the top ten jackets for women category. And since brown is a classic color, you can never go wrong with it. All you need is to choose the perfect fit and size so you wouldn’t look like a kid in your momma’s clothing.

A brown bomber leather jacket will give you that down to earth feel and you would look so relaxed wearing one. Make a difference - stick with brown. And just so you know, brown can go from espresso to camel. You can explore the richness of brown through your bomber leather jacket. Oh well, some just like it brown!


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Recycled Fashion

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Fashion Accessories Bali

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Replica Omega Watches - The Global Fashion

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Various kinds of these replica timepieces are produced to meet the need of those people who are expecting authentic Omega watches with limited bank account. The websites online will regularly updated the new modes to catch the latest fashion. Every few weeks, new models will emerge into the market.

Down to the earth, each person has more than one of these spectacular watches. They clearly know that their money is hardly made with great efforts. So they should be carefully used in daily life. Therefore, they make a wise decision to buy the omega imitation watches which value a lot at minimum costs. They are really ideal option for those people who enjoying showing off in front of their friends or colleagues.


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5 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

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