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Reversible Martini Apron &amp Towel

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Know More About the Latest Fashion Trends

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Setting a trend is extremely important for any business be it for bags, shoes, jewelry, or clothes. As we all know fashion has been the main part of pop culture and people are connected to it in various ways. Today’ trend is a combination of the fashion in the 1980 and the present day. So many items that were thought of as outdated are now back in trend and you will find every woman in the US sporting at least one item on herself that is a piece of today’s fashion.

Dresses are one trend in America that keeps changing rapidly. What you see today will be gone tomorrow. The latest fashion of dresses for the American ladies is the spring blouses which have really caught on this season. You will find most ladies sporting blouses with huge puff sleeves, kimono sleeves, ruching and those with fantastic graphic prints. And the beauty of it is that these blouses can be worn in combination anything like skirts, pants, shorts, jeans etc. and they can even be used with jackets to make it look more official, making this outfit a perfect one for any occasion.

Another very common fashion trend in the US this year is the penchant for black and white combinations. Not to mention the fact that this has been a favorite combination of Americans since time immemorial. The advantage of this combination is that it can be used both for daytime as well as night time wear.

When considering men’s fashion wear, this year the male cardigan which seems to have been reborn this season, becoming one of the hottest selling items. This too is not a new fashion trend as it had been worn by many well known figures like the comedian Bill Crosby, Simon Amstel who was the British TV presenter, and the reputed rock star Kurt Cobain. But today the male cardigans are worn by both sexes.

The other trends that have changed for the guys and the gals is the T-shirt. Today the T-shirt is the in-thing and is considered the benchmark of fashion trends. In fact The T-shirt is said to be the “building block” of the fashion industry of the present day.

With ever changing season the trends in fashion also change and everyone buy clothes in keeping with the change. But at the end of the day when you find that you need something really casual to wear; something that is classy at the same time casual; something that will suit your style and your choice of colors; something that can be worn no matter what time of the day it is; then the most evident choice is the T-shirt.

Even the t-shirt has been passing through a variety of fashions depending on the moods of the season. They have passed through socio-economic and cultural changes and any which way you look at it are still the hot favorites of men women and children of both sexes too. Adorning a T-shirt make you feel forever young. T-shirts have become of the main parts of fashion and have taken on an extremely stylish appearance too.


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Eco Friendly Fashion

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Jewelry - A Necessity of Fashion

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The fashion is incomplete without the jewelry. It enhances the beauty of women and signifies the status of people. Initially it was a part of an elite section but with the passage of time, all sections have started wearing jewelry. Other than gold that has made its base earlier, various other metals are used for making jewelry.

The gold jewelry is an indispensable piece, which can be found in any wardrobe. The most popular way of wearing is a curb link necklace or bracelet that comes in various styles, textures and colors while boys can go for huge and heavy gold chains. The right textures and best collection of gold jewelry makes a person attractive in the crowd of thousand. Fancy embossed gold pieces goes well with un-patterned and plain style clothes. Person should buy gold that best coordinated with the skin tones. Some of the major gold colors are white, yellow and rose gold.

An artificial jewelry adds a touch of stylishness to the personality of a person. One can choose from variety of options that distinguishes from other items in designs and colors. These accessories are worn by women and girls as these are cheap as compared to gold counterparts. Such antiques are also known as disposable jewelry as one can change it as per the attire of person. If you wear fashion accessories everyday, it will not make a hole in your pocket. The variety ranges from bracelets, chains, to rings and earrings with various designs in metals such as wood, plastic, glass, stone studded and shells. Wearing such collection is safe in late night parties as compared to other expensive ornaments.

Every woman is crazy about the diamond jewelry. If a person wants to look different in the crowd of thousand then diamond is the only way. The stunning diamond comes in different colors, sizes and qualities while the diamond used in ornaments are clear, fine and white. The color of diamond ranges from yellow, brown to pink that adds variety to the diamond jewelry. Now diamonds are not only wearing in marriages but they have become an exclusive part of every occasion whether it is a birthday or anniversary.

Silver is use extensively for making ornaments as it proves to be quite affordable, lustrous, trendy and available in wide varieties. These mesmerizing ornaments are difficult to ignore due to their elegant and natural appeal. The pure silver is a type of silver that contains 99% of silver and has a glossy finish with softness. This jewelry is used for making handmade necklaces, bangles, and ear rings.

Those days are gone when people were least concerned about their lifestyle but now people are more concern about their status and image in society.


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Joyce Jimenez Photoshoot for People Asia Magazine

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Sweater Dress With Long Sleeves

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Affordable High End Clothing Line For Men By Two Stoned

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Style wanderlust is almost impossible to satisfy. The same goes for men. The transition in men’s outlook and perspective expand in time. Men find themselves immersed in innovative moods in fashion sense and style. Men now dominate in what seemed to be women’s world ages ago. This is where Two Stoned comes in. It fixates the link in the worlds of fashion and art. Two Stoned is where fashion and art coexisted.

Remarkable Influence of Two Stoned in the Fashion Industry

For years now, Two Stoned has been at the fashion forefront catering to the needs of young men at heart. It continues to create timeless pieces that showcase French flair from tailored, sharp tees to collared polo to brushed denims. Not to mention the different collections that one can choose from season to season. This all adds up to the well being and beauty of men beaming with great disposition. Two Stoned showcases the vibrant looks and dignified stance that men have. It is with this vision that Two Stoned developed its character.

A constantly evolving look is essential for a style conscious man.trends in fashion from structured tops, lined pants, and trousers to artful graphics and printed designs, all available from Two Stoned. Accessories such as belts, watches, scarves, shoes and stockings not only finish but complete the look. There is a variety of clothes that cater to different personalities and needs. From the traditional to the newest fashion era, this brand can be counted upon.An image that is beyond expectation, an image that is different from them all.

In recent years we have witnessed an artistic direction in defining men’s style and fashion. If anything, it is the dynamic and constantly evolving lifestyle that leaves one in complete fascination.

Two Stoned pieces remain classic in sensibility yet possesses an inimitable character of restrained playfulness with their utilitarian functions. Despite these, Two Stoned remains grounded in practicality and features high end designs.

Reasonable Prices with high Quality

You may actually think that affordability and quality are two things apart, and is just too good to be true, but when it comes to this brand nothing is impossible. Two Stoned uses high quality materials, great styles and designs, but with very reasonable price range. And this sets them apart from other high end clothing lines. Their market is huge enough for everyone to fit in, so there is no need to hesitate a second more for apparel with such good reputation is to grab for.

Shopping for Two Stoned Apparel

Shopping is just one of the many great things that people can get from the internet. Internet shopping is a fun way to get things that you wanted the most without a “very helpful” salesperson pushing you to buy whatever brand they wish to sell. You can easily compare prices from different websites as well as different designs that will help you choose the right one for your own personality. Dressing up according to your personality is what Two Stoned apparel is known for and so shopping from their wide collection means discovering you!


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The Thread, Celebrity Fashion Steals

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Glovely Duo

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