Green Fashion - The In Thing Today

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Fashion, since time immemorial, has constantly changed. At times, what became fashionable during the 90s would no longer be acceptable today. There are cases that the fashion statements of the 60s and 70s keep on coming back and in fact, gain much popularity with the populace. At present, one type of fashion that has become widely accepted is green fashion. So what is really green fashion?

Green fashion is the use of clothing and accessories that were made using environmentally friendly means. You could just surmise that real love and care was poured into the manufacture of each piece of t-shirt, skirt, jeans, necklace, bracelets, rings, and bags. These items are usually made in a sweatshop free environment where only fair labor practices are observed.

Clothing made from organic cotton is certified as among the green fashion. The cotton used for this type of clothing were not grown using chemicals such as those found in pesticides and synthetic based fertilizers, but were all grown naturally using eco-friendly means. For their fertilizers, animal manure is usually used, and others would use compost. For their pesticides, plant-based ones are used. And, you can also be assured that the farmers who tended these organic cotton farms were not exposed to carcinogens that are commonly found in chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers.

There are also clothing made from rayon or bamboo. Just like organic cotton, bamboo does not need harmful chemicals in order to grow. So its fibers, when made into fabric, are all considered are eco-friendly.

You can also find eco-friendly accessories like handbags made from recycled leather. Some of these are even made from candy wrappers and recycled sails. As for jewelries, they are no longer made from blood diamonds, which all create devastation in the environment especially in Africa where these are sourced. Most environmentally friendly jewelries of today are no longer made from diamonds coming from Africa, but they come from sources that are guaranteed as conflict-free. Other eco-friendly jewelries are of the funky and trendy type made from fruit and seeds. They are simply adorable and are guaranteed eco-friendly.

So opting for green fashion is actually one of the best ways that you can express your concern for the environment. You do not need to raise placards and rally on the street. All you need to do is wear these environmentally friendly clothing and accessories, and you will surely be living an eco-friendly life!


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The Thread, Celeb Fashion Disasters

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Women&amp#39s Boots young style.

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Fashion Etiquette For Men

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Fashion has gone unisex for a while now. So if you are wondering why men would require something like fashion you are grossly mistaken. It is sure to get you a step ahead of the routine suited booted men who have missed out on the men’s fashion revolution completely and are still stuck in some ancient times. It will surely prove an asset if you are that kind of man who is looking to make it big.

The Appropriate

The appropriate is as important as what looks good in men’s fashion. Etiquette comes along with fashion for men. Try and figure out what works best with what and where too. Events or shows or a simple get together- you should know what to wear where. While dressing up a good fashion sense is definitely something that is going to up the ante for you. Dress code mistakes are in fact the worst ones to make and try and avoid them whenever possible.

Dressing Traditionally

Often the bets option, the normative dressing is still something that is dug all over the world. You need not be underdressed or overdressed. So you have to carefully analyze what is the best. The bets brands can still make your fashion fall flat on its face in case you are wearing the wrong combination. The brands come in later. What comes in first is the fact that you are wearing the right combination. These are few of the things you would do better remembering in case you are traditional dresser.

Occasions determine dress codes even if there are no stated ones. Try and keep some general rule sin mind because they too come in handy. You personal and social life also stands out as important if you are trying to dress in order.

About Formals

Formals are the best things try on some times. Marriages, balls, some parties, certain events will require you to wear a particular kind of attire and you should not try anything different and remain within formal codes. Fashion disasters are often bets avoided in formals. White tie events are the most formal ones of course. Black tie events follow a close second. These would require you to wear a black tuxedo along with trousers, a white dress shirt along with a tuxedo front, a black bow tie, cummerbund, black socks, and glossy leather shoes. There could be a few changes in this scheme of things. You could switch to a colored shirt from a white one.

Professional Attire

Try the professional attire in case you have to dress in this way. The usual dark suit goes well at office or for client meetings. For business events you could go for variations of this suit. The color of the suit or the tie could vary. The designs could also vary. There are solid or checks or stripes or blocks in case you are wondering what kind of designs would be the bets for your tie. Try and mix and match for best effects.

Casual Wear

And then there is casual wear of course. For this you could try, shirts, shorts, jeans and a lot of other things. But again give it a thought. Are you going to visit the local mall or to a friendly get together or a farmhouse party or a swimming adventure? You could want a hat or a cap. Decide on the shoes too, sneakers or flip flops?


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Bisma Ahmed

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Be a Comic

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Modelo: Dina Zalloum.
Asistente: Gustavo Perdomo.
Styling: Ana María Olivos.
Agradecimientos: Lorena Morris, Camilo Barreto y Lucho Barreto.

Durante la sesión estuvo Canal 13 haciendo el Backstage y una entrevista que pronto saldrá al aire.

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Fashion Jewelry and Costume Jewelry For Special Occasions

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In your wardrobe, you may want to own some fashion jewelry and costume jewelry to wear on special occasions. Some occasions you may want to wear these type of jewelry would be to weddings, balls, parties, or work dinners. You can mix and match what you have, or even borrow from a friend or relative. It is fun to dress up from time to time and you never know when you will next be invited to a wedding or special dance party.

How many weddings would you say you go to a year? Maybe two or three? Depending what age bracket you are in, you could have as many as zero to five weddings to attend a year. If you have as many as five weddings to go to, you may want to have a selection of formal clothes and jewelry to wear. It is expensive to keep going out and buying new outfits, so just having a few to mix and match would be helpful and save you some cash.

Weddings and balls basically have the same dress code. You want to dress formally but not over the top. If the invitation says “black tie” you may want to wear a long gown or dress or even a skirt and top set that is formal. High heels are almost always recommended and make the outfit fancier. Sleeveless dresses are a bit immodest, so I would suggest wearing a little shrug, coat, or blazer to go with your gown. The jewelry you wear to one of these events can either dress up your outfit or dress it down. So you want to be a little bit picky when picking out jewelry. Pearls and diamonds you can almost never go wrong with.

Also, if you are going to a wedding of a close friend or relative, you may want to dress up a little more for their wedding than for just an acquaintance you know or colleague from work. If you are in the wedding itself, you may be asked to wear one of the bride’s maid dresses. If the bride is picky, she may even decide what jewelry you will wear, and if you are lucky, you will get to choose this on your own.

Parties and work dinners are more informal. You do not need to wear long gowns and dresses necessarily, neither do you need to wear pearl or diamond jewelry. A skirt or nice pair of pants are fine and a nice blouse or sweater set is perfectly fine for either of these events. You may want to wear a nice pair of earrings or a simple necklace, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to stand out too much. You just want to look nice and presentable.

In general, for any special occasion you may find yourself attending, you want to look your best but you want to look like you. It could be fun to sometimes play around with fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, but ultimately you want to look yourself.


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The Thread, Fashion Rule Breakers

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Flare Magazine Lady Gaga

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This is my re-creation of Lady Gaga’s cover on the December 2009 issue of Flare Magazine.

Hours of work went into the photo. I made her head piece, shirt, and then I edited her eyes, lips, cheekbones, and hair colour, and joints to make her match the cover as much as possible. I couldn’t put her tattoo on her arm, cut her hair, or put nail polish on her fingers.

I am in love with this picture and I think it captures Lady Gaga’s doll like look. Please check out the Flare Magazine cover and compare them!

This photo belongs to me. I am not allowing anyone to use it. This is for your personal viewing only. Copyrights reserved to angelaparkes.

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Cuffed Jeans: A Street Fashion Favorite

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Street fashion has become super popular in recent years, especially with the emergence of personal bloggers. Some of the top fashion bloggers specialize in street style and as a result, we’ve finally begun to open up new doors to how the average, albeit stylish, person dresses around the world on a daily basis. New York has always been a mecca of international flavors all rolled into one, which makes it a perfect choice for examining jeans styles of the everyday fashionable.

The Repeating Style

Of course skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but other trends are quickly emerging to help keep the skinny style fresh. A style long seen in Europe, especially on Italian men, is the straight leg, narrow fit pants with the cuff rolled up showing off a bare ankle. To bring it to a colder New York setting, city dwellers have taken the classic style and swapped trousers for jeans in dark washes and either rolled the jeans in the classic way, or simply bought jeans that were short enough to show the ankle. With the weather in New York dramatically different than most parts of Italy, just about all fashion types showing up in street style blogs had on socks in various dark colors.

How to Get It

Since the New York version is much more laid-back than the Italian one, it will also be easier to find and afford. Find a dark wash jean in a straight, narrow or skinny style, then decide on whether to have a natural hem that hits above the ankle or a rolled cuff. The rolled cuff will make the jeans more versatile, but a crisp hem also sends a strong, distinct message. For the natural hem, it’s likely a tailor will need to get involved. It’s hard enough finding jeans that fit, let alone jeans that fit and have the exact hemline wanted. For the rolled cuff, opt for normal length jeans, nothing too long, and roll them once or twice to let the ankle “breathe.” For chilly weather add in some stylish socks and funky shoes.

As fashion begins to go global thanks to all the street fashion bloggers, it’s becoming easier than ever to try out fashion trends from around the world. To keep it unique, tailor it to your city, style and climate for a cool, eclectic look. The globe’s the limit.


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