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Winter Clothes And Fashion Trends

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Winter is the month depending on where you live in the world that is mixed with excitement over the celebrations but annoyed with the weather conditions and the constant feeling of being cold and looking your worst.

Shoes, boots, UGG boots, knee high riding boots what you wear on your feet can greatly affect how you feel and how you look. A good trendy pair of footwear suitable for icy cold slippery weather will make you feel fashionable and safe walking around.

If you work in an office you could always keep your stilettos for inside the office and swap after work to walk to the car or bus stop. That way you will still look professional at work and be safe and comfortable walking home.

In winter the colours are usually reds, greys, blacks, dark purples, brows, chocolates, and rich plum colours. Skirts can still be worn with a nice pair of gripped knee high boots but insure you have a thick pair of tights or leggings on.

Gloves, hat and scarf are an essential item to insure you stay warm. They come in so many different colours and fabrics’ you can brighten up any war dope by choosing a colour that looks chic and stands out. Some can be worn for everyday while others can be worn for evening such as shawls and wraps.

On an evening out it will be extremely cold so if you must wear a dress wear tights underneath, keep a big coat in the car to put on as soon as you are ready to go home. Alternatively you could purchase a simple throw over or light weight cardigan that can be worn over the dress or outfit to prevent you getting cold when pub crawling.


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Interview: Queen’s Daughters Fashion Show helps good causes

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BURNING MAN FASHION Pink/Yellow/Orange Dread Falls $75.00

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Fashion Bags: Are You A Vintage Lover Or Not?

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Bringing your everyday things with you is something that a woman would never fail to do. When you try to check her stuff, she’s always got everything prepared and ready for whatever encounter she may get across with. But of course, having fashion bags is never something that she forgets; they should always be on the top of her list, otherwise she would not feel complete. There are many types of handbags that are available in the market nowadays and each of them is made with great love for design and style that are perfect for you.

Are you one of those women who are in love with the old style or those who are into the new ones? Women differ with their choices and preferences in many ways but there are only two types of fashion bags that they can choose from; I am talking about the latest and the oldest designs that still exist. There are women who still embrace the existence of vintage fashion. This enables them to appreciate the old styles that were created long ago but are still present today. The older the bag, the better looking it is for these types of women. On the other hand, some just loves to settle for what’s new and more stylish in the new generation’s sense. Even so there are women who really want to have those types of handbags that have the designer’s names printed on them. For them it’s something that they can be really proud to show off.

No matter how you express your love for fashion bags, they will always remain helpful to us both ways; as a thing to carry our things in and as a way to show how much we are involved with what’s in style nowadays.


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How to Choose Top of the Line Leather Women’s Wallets

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Women’s wallets are not only to store money but also to put important cards, bills, and other portable valuables in secure, yet elegant place whenever they are needed. Every fashionable woman today carries in her purse a good leather wallet. Leather women’s wallets at present all come in different sizes and shape. Although the popularity of leather wallets cannot be contested, there are also excellent alternative materials like nylon and vinyl that are slowly creating a huge fan base. It is still, however, impossible to dethrone the leather wallets. In the world of fashion wallets, they still reign supreme and for a good reason.

Looking for the best pick among countless choices of leather wallets in the market can be daunting. Almost all wallets nowadays are designed around style and fashion especially those made of leather. Women are choosy by nature (which also makes them vulnerable to stress in choosing leather wallets) and, therefore, demanding in choosing the right ones. If you are one of them, just breeze though on the items below to get practical tips in looking for the best leather wallets.

First, determine the things that you cannot go without. Make sure that you know the items that you constantly carry around so you can estimate the amount of space in terms of pockets and compartments you need. Look for ones that offer you enough room for your credit cards, bills, ATMs, photographs and other items. You do not want to be short-handed simply because you sacrifice room for fashion.

The second thing is to know your priorities. If you want to be more fashionable and can go with a wallet that offers smaller space and pockets but is trendy, then it is your call.

Color harmony is the third thing that should also be considered. Keep in mind the dress that you will be wearing when you buy a particular wallet to give you the best fashion look and feeling. Your wallet should be in unity with costume so as to avoid contrasts and irrelevance. Size and shape of the leather wallet can also accentuate some features in you so be careful not to break the unity of your fashion image.

The texture and pattern of the leather can also affect your overall figure. There are a lot of attractive patterns that can work with the motif of your look. You should also bear in mind the particular occasion in using a leather wallet for the same reason as mentioned above. After all, you want to impress and show to the world not only how fashionable you are but also your personal tastes and preferences. Choosing the best leather women’s wallets may still be a challenge even after knowing these things, but, at least, you are guided on some of the basics in properly selecting them. At the end of the day, it is still your own choice that matters. Happy hunting!

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fashion hand bag

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Make Extra Money As a Mystery Shopper

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Hot Summer Clothes That Make a Fashion Statement

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The summer time in virtually every corner of the world is a time when you want to put on clothing that let’s you stay fashionable but keep cool at the same time. Some of the hottest summer clothes that make a fashion statement take into consideration the type of material, the manner in which the design is constructed and the ability of the clothing to keep you looking good and staying cool at the same time.

Another consideration for hot summer clothes is that you want your clothing to be suitable to spend time in the sun. For many people, the sun poses a threat such as sunburn from overexposure. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress in clothes that cover your skin from head to toe. There are some great summer clothes that allow you to protect your skin and still look good.

Some of the best materials for summer clothes are those that breathe and provide skin protection but aren’t constricting. One such material is cotton knit. Cotton knit is a very absorbent material that also lets in air. It is lightweight and stretches so that summer fun activities such as playing sports aren’t confined by clothes that don’t move with you. Cotton knit is used by many manufacturers for short sets, Capri pants, tube tops and many other hot summer fashions. Cotton knit is a great material that comes in virtually every color you can imagine.

Mesh fabrics are great ideas for summer clothes that make a fashion statement. Mesh is great for showing a little skin but providing protection at the same time. Many great outfits are made from a mesh material including swim suit cover-ups that let your suit dry beneath while protecting your skin from sunburn at the same time.

Hot summer clothes to choose from should be those that fit well but are not too tight. When temperatures start to rise, clothes that are extremely fitted can cause you to sweat, which will make you clothes cling to you. Sleeveless shirts and strapless tops are great for guys and gals who want to flash a nice build but keep their appearance tasteful. When you want to make a fashion statement with your summer clothes, don’t wait until summer comes to start shopping. By the time the summer rolls around, the selection is typically picked over. Many hot summer fashions come out when the weather is still cold.

If you are the type that wants to look hot without spending a fortune, consider shopping for your summer clothes during the fall, right after the summer season is over. This is the time when hot summer clothes are their least expensive. Although you will have to put the clothes away until the following summer, you’ll be happy to pull out brand new hot fashions and wear them to impress your friends as well as make a fashion statement to everyone you meet along the way.

Another way to ensure that you get hot summer clothes that make a fashion statement that makes you look good is to make sure that your choices suit your style and are the right size.


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The Best Fashion Trends for 2011: Styling With Attitude

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When it comes to the ‘hottest 2011 fashion trends’, not everybody wants to go with ‘what’s in’. There are some of us who want to add a little attitude and edge to our daily wardrobe so that we get to stand out from the rest of the fashionable people out there. Are you searching for the best edgy and sleek fashion trends for this year? Here are easy ways for you to create that chic and sexy style for you to be a cut above the rest of the trend setters in the globe.

The Boots with Attitude!

If you want to create a unique and slightly rebellious look, then you can start off with your footwear. There are plenty of boot collections these days that features that edgy and rebellious appeal. Think zippers, laces, studs and buckles. This year’s designs range from the sexy boots to alternative boots. It will all depend on how willing you are to go with your fabulous footwear designs. If you want to incorporate a little edge into your every day footwear, then try to get a new pair of glamorous boots with you. Try a nice pair of tall black boots that features a zipper and a wedge to start with.

The Fabulous Accessories

Create a rebellious surprise by accessorizing your wardrobe with unexpected pieces. Whether it’s an embellished scarf, a pair of buckled boots, a wool mod or a vintage belt, show that ’style with an edge’ with the help of this year’s trendy and unique fashion accessories. The key for that edgy style is to pick a single or two elements that you can show off. Instead of throwing together something which contains all the “fashion must have’s” of the season, try something classic and simple and then accessorize for that edgy look.

Play with the Edgy Graphic Tees

There is no better way for you to pump up some attitude on your wardrobe than a graphic tee. Go for white and black shirts with fantastic design elements such as bold hues, patterns and styles. Graphic tees that feature monochromatic images are also great ways for you to show some fashion attitude. Graphic designed shirts are versatile and can be worn under a funky vest, tuxedo jacket, belted cardigan or even some vintage aviator jacket. Match it up with a pair of skinny jeans and some lace up ankle boots to complete the entire wardrobe.


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