Fashion Industry and Women

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Women are the main targets when it comes to fashion and fashion designing. Yes, women love to have the best of all in whatever they wear from clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry and all other accessories. Most fashion designers target women to a large extent, but of course men too are getting into the limelight with the ever growing need for fashion among men as well.

The latest types of material used in designing clothes include leather and different types of fabric. With leather clothing is not restricted only to jackets but it has travelled beyond into leggings, skirts and dresses, pants, cloaks, boots, capes and even hair accessories like bandeaus. Leather in the fashion industry has found the best place with ladies choosing leather as their contemporary style of fashion.

Apart from leather the various fabric textures used in fashion designing are numerous. To suit the style and taste of various women much creativity is essential to obtain the best results. Women want to gain much attention, especially from the opposite sex and hence the hottest clothes like see through clothing using sheer fabrics with a mixture of delicate and creative designs are what they are after.

Tube dresses, off-shoulder dresses and strap dresses are the latest trends in the fashion industry that draw the attention of most women like a dragnet into the contemporary world of fashion. Women attending fashion shows would love to be seen in their beautiful attire showing off a part of their body, gaining the attention of the judges and the rest of the crowd.

Fashion industry has done much justice to women in designing their clothes and foot wear and their jewelry and accessories as well. A lady with an off-shoulder dress would love to show off her symmetric shoulders tapering down into a well shaped skirt setting the fashion of the international ramps.

There are quite a few stubborn and asymmetric parts in a woman’s body that she would love to hide. For instance she may have a perfect body structure with a bit of fat thighs or an extremely big bottom that needs to be concealed. These problems could be solved instantly with a little black dress that does the job; setting the trend in the fashion world and making her feel comfortable.

Enough of ramping up with your beautiful clothes and accessories, let’s try something special, let’s do some swim suit shopping for that beautiful woman you are. The fashion industry has left no stone unturned in the world of a woman, especially with regard to fashionable swimwear. Women feel extremely comfortable in their two piece bikinis or a full piece with a g-string to expose the most beautiful body of a woman.

Women do enjoy being noticed all the time though they do not express it openly. Leading fashion designers in the fashion industry have a good understanding of what a woman would want and this is exactly what they produce to bring out the beautiful looks of a woman. Women and fashion are inseparable!


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korea fashion

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Pre Prom Fashion Show Mar 2011 004

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Girls Spring and Summer Fashion 2011 Trends

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Spring is closing in and it is time to start preparing for the 2011 spring fashion season. Recent fashion shows indicate a lot of new and fun girls 2011 spring and summer fashion trends. Whether it is a sleek retro dress or short spring jacket, it is time to start talking seasonal fashion.

I scanned the Internet and compiled a list of some of the most popular spring 2011 and summer fashion trends for girls and women. Most of these came from fashion shows this past fall while some come from bloggers who have their fingers on the pulse of fashion.

One popular spring 2011 trend is floral patterns. Floral patterns on girls dresses, pants, jackets, blouses, and fitted blouses are sure to be popping up everywhere over the spring and summer. A lot of these floral patterned short dresses and long dresses look like something out of a late 1960s movie. Think retro/hippy flower wear and you are talking 2011 trends.

Another trend is denim. Don’t go crazy on the denim but fashionable denim shorts for women will be very popular this spring and summer. In addition to the denim, stripes with little graphics will be a popular girls tee as well this season. The bolder the better with your denim selection as far as colors go.

Sleek and slinky dresses with a 1970s look are also back in style this spring and summer. Satin dance dresses which look like they can be worn for parties, galas, events, or dinner parties are back in style. Ink emerald and sapphire are the preferred dress colors for these simple or special occasion dresses.

Full skirts are back in style for 2011. Once again think retro 1970s era and you will be dressing for 2011. These full skirts were popular in the 70s and have made a return to pop fashion. These short skirts are also popular among men who love checking out women in full skirts. They are sexy and leave a little to the imagination which is perfect if you are trying to turn heads. Choose from long, sheer, short, or fuller full skirts.

Wide pants are also a popular fashion statement this spring and summer. 2011 is looking more like 1971 with these trends, so go through your mother’s attic and you may find a stylish outfit. These pants have a high trouser with a wide leg. These wide pants are surely spring/summer 2011 fashion trend that will turn heads.

These are just a few of the hot trends for spring/summer 2011 girls fashion. Happy summer!


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What Not To Wear Mile High Fashion

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Fashion Model Poses Against A Dramtic Sky

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A beautiful young woman in a skirt, blouse, and scarf poses in front of a dramatic blue sky with clouds. Low angle.

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The Art of Shopping for Women’s Clothing

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People do not realize that shopping for clothing is an art, and if you do not learn the art properly you will never become a professional. Like any art, the art of shopping takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are well worthwhile.

There are a few ways professional shoppers find success in buying great quality items for tremendously discounted prices. The best way to shop for clothing is to take advantage of sales and coupons. Sometimes you can end up paying half the price for more for the same exact dresses your friend just bought just because you bought it at the right time and place.

People do not realize how easy it is to find out when stores are having sales. The easiest and most simple way to find out when your favorite store will be hosting a sale is to ask them if you can get onto their email list for sale notification. Stores send out mass emails a few times a year to let their customers know what sales they are having. Usually during the holiday season and during the various holidays throughout the year, stores slash their prices and make sure to let their valued customers know about it through mail and email.

Another way to save lots of money on shopping for women’s clothing and dresses is by constantly looking out for coupon in newspapers, magazines, and on the web. Coupons can really save you a lot of money especially when you use a coupon in combination with a sale. When combining sales and coupon, the products you buy can actually come out costing close to nothing.

Searching on clearance racks of the different stored you enjoy patronizing is another wonderful way to save on clothing. Many times there is no defect of the item on the clearance rack but the store simply wants to clear it out of their stock. It is always worth taking out a n extra few moments in each store to see if there is anything you like on the rack. It does require some patience but in the long run you could be saving a lot of cash.

So if you are determined to learn the art of shopping keep these important tips in mind. Be patient and persist and patient, and you will find success. When you find yourself successful, don’t be selfish about it. Go ahead and share these ideas and any successes you may have with your friends, family members and neighbors. They will be just as happy as you were to realize that shopping for brand name clothes is not as expensive as they always thought.


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VirtuousTeen Magazine

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Fashion Boutique Business Card

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Fashion Boutique Business Card design template by Jenna Ebanks.Showcased on

This trendy business card would be fitting for a fashion boutique aiming to provide elite and fashionable items to customers. The contemporary photos paired with the purple and black color scheme portray an image of a fashion-forward boutique.

Source: inkdphotos

Review of Key Fashion Trends For Spring Summer 2010

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There are plenty of different women’s wear trends for 2010 which should include something to suit everyone. The trends can be separated into two main categories minimalist and busier or eclectic styles which include lots of colours and patterns. The nineties is a key influence on trends for SS10 with both grunge and nineties minimalism making a comeback.

Here are some of the key trends that were seen on the catwalks for SS10 and it won’t be long before they start to filter down to the high street and online retailers.

Military - Stella McCartney featured a very stylish washed out version of the camouflage print whilst khaki colours were popping up every where from Alexander Wang to Chloe, Balmain and Louis

Vuitton. Classic, crisp tailored pieces and more elaborate costume style pieces will all be big news for Spring and summer.

Stripes - this trend has been bubbling away for a season or two now but for the spring and summer is likely to explode with a bang. The flattering version of horizontal stripes has been seen on dresses everywhere from Paul Smith to Sonia Rykiel.

Florals - This seasons floral fall into three camps, the feminine and romantic ones which are worn with washed out pastels and denim, the darker smaller ones which are worn grunge style with black opaques and boots and the really bright, bold and graphic ones which are layered with bright colours and clashing patterns for maximum wow factor.

Pattern Mixing - this is such a huge trend for 2010 it featured on so many different catwalks in one way or another. There really a re no rules when it comes to this trend, anything goes from mixing clashing prints subtle washed out pastels prints, checks, stripes, spots and florals.

Layering - another key comeback look from the nineties, laterying will be big again for 2010. Check out Alexander Wang for inspiration on how to achieve the most laid back style by layering. You can also use layering to play with proportions as seen at Marios Schwab.

Safari - this is a really classic trend which makes a comeback year after year. Look for neutral tones and simple classic safari style jackets and shorts.

Denim - look for classic chambray shirts, denim skirts to wear with white shirts as seen at Stella McCartney, denim with ditsy floral pieces or more directional pieces as seen at D & G.

Chiffon and Nude Colours - Dreamy dresses in nude, neutrals, creams and beiges made of sheer fabrics such as chiffons were all over the catwalks for SS10. Some of the most beautiful included Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy and Gianfranco Ferre.

Some of the key pieces of clothing to update your wardrobe for the Spring and Summer are the new and updated version of the classic trench as seen at Burberry, ankle socks worn with strappy shoes if you dare, shorts in just about any style you choose, relaxed grey marl pieces and wedge shoes. Maxi dresses, jumpsuits and shift dresses will also be making a comeback in SS10.


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